A new foie battle is in the works!  The excellent kind.  This one between Brooklyn and Manhattan (amateur gourmet and megnut).  Would that I were a judge in this one…


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  • Adam

    You should totally be the judge and keep in mind that I used PINK SALT. Did Meg? I bet she didn’t. I bet she doesn’t even know what pink salt is, that chump. She’s so going down.

  • ruhlman

    those are mighty strong words adam. and as you know, meg is no slouch. did you know that that very red vein in your torchon slice may have been especially noticeable not because you failed to remove it, but because of the pink salt, which binds the oxygen to the myoglobin and thus keeps it vivid red? this by no means is meant to undercut your formidable efforts. I do know that meg is feircely competitive, so i’m simply trusting that you know what you’re doing.

  • Claudia

    Michael, if you can’t get back to NYC soon, I live here, and have roots on both sides of the East River. So . . . can I be impartial, fair, unseduced by pink salt and totally unprejudiced as to whether the foie comes from east of the Williamsburg Bridge? And THOROUGH? Oh, yes . . .! Foie? I’m SO available!