Two years ago Cleveland’s IX center hosted a huge food show which featured a book-signing line about a zillion miles long and representing 17 states for Rachael Ray.  Ray reportedly signed books, napkins, t-shirts and boxer shorts for 96 hours straight before her smile fell off and she had to be carted away.  Seriously.

They’re doing it again this weekend (minus RR), and for those interested in all things swinish, I’m doing a demo on perfecting the sausage, noon on Sunday.

As ever, I urge people wherever and whenever they can, to meet to eat meat.

Link to PD editor Joe Crea’s story on the food show.

Link to listing of events and demos by local chefs.


3 Wonderful responses to “More Big Pig in Cleveburg”

  • Dana

    Well just make sure you smile while perfecting that sausage… RR’s a perky, but tough act to follow… even a year later

  • tess

    Boy, the incredibly nasty part of me wishes that Ray had died when she got carted off. I mean, if she was really up for 4 days, that kills brain cells (not that I think she has that many to begin with).

  • Tags

    The one thing RR staying 96 hours at that event underlines most of all is that she is a very giving person. There isn’t one part of any of her shows that she isn’t trying to elevate the food knowledge of those who will accept it. And trying hard. What an excellent use of her work ethic. I don’t think her “Aw, shucks” persona is anything less than sincere. The shows themselves don’t tickle my fancy, but her humility and the way she comports herself make me an admirer.

    That people are waiting hours in line to meet someone like her renews my faith in human nature. And she does tip on $40 a day, they tally it after each meal.