This is new and strange terrain, so I’m really honored Typepad featured this blog. I don’t know where this blogging will take me writing-thinking-ranting wise, but the actual technical part of it has been astonishingly simple BECAUSE of Typepad, so I’m grateful on more levels than one. Thanks.


5 Wonderful responses to “Thank you, Typepad!”

  • Skawt

    Congrats on being picked. Considering how many blogs there are out there, it’s nice to stand out from the crowd.

    By the way, I noted Tony was awfully silent about you talking about balls for two days in a row. Is he in a substance-induced coma, or does he prefer not to take the easy pitches over the plate?

  • kristin

    Does seem awfully strange that Tony hasn’t had a thing or two to say on the subject. Maybe he is actually working, although, skwat I have to agree about the coma thing. Congrats on the blog Michael and keep up the good work.

  • Claudia

    Indeed – belated congratulations on being featured by TypePad, Michael! And, while I am inclined to disagree on the Bourdain coma theory myself, I have elected to self-censor and not speculate further on why he is electing to let the soft pitches fluff past the plate. Dude could just be BUSY, ya know? (!)

  • Skawt

    Claudia – considering how much time Tony spends online, maybe he’s just too busy trolling AOL chat rooms… 🙂