216 Wonderful responses to “No Rez Cleveland”

  • Ron K

    I have to address a comment to the Clevelanders who feel the show slammed the city: I was born and raised in Cle and I stay as active in the city’s cultural life as I can, and I fail to how any of that constituted an insult. I thought it was glorious! All of it – even, no especially, the sewer surfers – are among the reasons that I stay here, walking distance from Sokolowski’s and the WSM. I suspect y’all are the skittish, priggish dullards who consider anything short of Growth Association rah-rah pander-to-developers everything-is-peachy-keen crap to be an “insult.” May you spend the rest of your days on earth peeing sand. Oh, and since it seems obligatory to shout out a fave food establishment at this point, for god’s sake, why didn’t you guys go to MELT?

    (Great episode, thanks, Mr. Ruhlman.)

  • KatD

    I don’t know if the thread is still open for questions, but I have one. The mid-season eps have been so great, and Cleveland and Hong Kong were no exceptions.

    My question: Tony makes these video essays look so effortless (not to mention fun!) but we all know they must be an awful lot of work. Kind of like “Words and Music” when two different people are writing a song.

    So, I’m curious which comes first–the editing or Tony’s writing? It’s hard to imagine the process being separate. Or does he sit and participate in going through all the footage (I’m guessing 80% of which is left on the cutting room floor)?

    The food in Hong Kong looked absolutely fantastic and the AB-as-martial artist-was great touch. But…which comes first, the chicken or the egg, the editing or writing? And…thanks!

  • rockandroller

    I’d like to know the answer to KatD’s question as well. We watched the HK episode last night and the first thing my husband said when it was over was, “THAT’S what the Cleveland episode should have felt like.” (fun, variety, “ugly” alleys juxtaposed with great people working hard to produce really good food). I question how/why the Cleve episode was edited the way it was.

    “The Internets” seem to think that Clevelanders are just reluctant to “face up” to the gritty reality of what was shown. But I can’t help, after watching it a 2nd time, wondering why most of the exciting or good parts of the city seemed to be edited out (Lola being the exception) and instead the focus was on the kitsch. I wasn’t looking for a CVB advertisement for Cleveland, but I think if it was supposed to be even close to an authentic representation of where Clevelanders go for good food, it missed the mark. I wish people wouldn’t plan to visit Cleveland because they think it’s sort of fascinating, like watching a train wreck, but instead have a genuine interest and level of pleasant surprise in the variety of great food we have available.

    Just my 2 cents. I know the horse is dead and I’ll try to let him rest in peace.

  • Scott

    Great Episode.

    Watched it with my buddy who is now living in C-bus. Middle of the episode WSM segment and he turns to me and says “Columbus is a nice city and all…BUT DAMMIT I’M A CLEVELANDER AND I REALLY LOVE THAT PLACE!”

    Cheer up Cleveland you are truly unique.

  • Amber

    I just moved to Cleveland. For me, the show aired in perfect timing coinciding with my weekend explorations.

    I want to see the surfers this winter, although I will bring GLBC Edmund Fitzgerald Porter as it is more fitting with the frigid waves of the great lakes. Where along Lakeshore Blvd can I find the sewer surf? Is it near the Cleve/Euclid border?

  • Ted

    Don’t let Bourdain do an Austin show. Austin’s been severely californicated.. he’s done Califas. Austin’s been messed with too much..

    But! If he avoided Austin and did San Antonio, that could be OK. Hell, he could do a San Antonio show on just Bandera Rd & Culebra Rd. And maybe Zarzamora!!

  • Deacon

    Bourdain mentioned Austin as a possible NR site in an interview. I read it several months ago.

  • Claudia

    Re: the HK episode post above:

    Having been raised in Hong Kong, I was totally blown away by the HK episode. Tony really did his home work – no tourist would think to eat their way through Taipo Market or Yuen Long, even though, as we all saw, the food in Taipo is . . . well . . . miraculous. I can’t believe Tony even ferreted out my favorite goose/plum sauce dish, on top of the fabulous pork, etc. And the race track at Happy Valley? My family are lifelong members of the Royal HK Jockey Club, and I could see the track below me, at the end of my street. The old footage of all the Hakka sampans lashed together, for a people who live their entire lives on boats? Loved it. Dim sum as a contact sport? Well, now my husband and in-laws see why I get pretty physical when we have dim sum here in NY. And the motif of HK as a pinball machine on tilt? FINALLY, someone got that right.

    The only thing he might have addressed was the floating restaurants in Aberdeen, where your dinner is still swimming around in tanks under the restaurant/boat, but I thought the typhoon crab segment might have made up for it.

    After being back in the States for nearly 30 years, someone finally was able to make me “homesick”. Thanks, Tony. Really good job.

    To reinforce the feeling of HK’s fast, frenetic pace, I noticed that ZeroPointZero was doing a lot of jump cuts and slow-mos into freeze frames with the added 3D effects (like the subject is pulled forward out of the background of the frame), very like Guy Ritchie’s brilliant Snatched. Of course, they storyboarded the Clevelaned episode like a cartoon strip, because of the Pekar aspect. So I guess the production team is not only refining their cinematography and “art direction” for each episode, but tryin g to make them more appropriate to each locale. Tony, a lifelong film fanatic, is getting even more “cinema verite” with his own work (!) Remember the Sicily episode? Very Fellini-esque and B&W towards the end? I thought the “action sequence” was hysterical, but I liked the cinematography throught the entire episode.

    OK, my 2 cents. Or maybe it was a full dime.

  • Dennis

    It looks like the Travel Channel isn’t running this episode anytime soon. So I put a bunch of clips on Youtube of it. If there are any other clips you want, just let me know.

    The Sausage Shoppe Clip

    Sokolowski’s clip

    Lola’s Clip

    Hot Sauce Williams

    West Side Market

    I thought it was a great episode, probably the best one yet.

  • Kat

    “So I guess the production team is not only refining their cinematography and “art direction” for each episode, but tryin g to make them more appropriate to each locale.”

    I rewatched the HK episode last night and couldn’t agree more! The photography and editing were spectacular and PERFECTLY showcased both the amazing food and the city. How I want to go back.

    I’m so impressed how Tony & the production team manage to keep a consistent quality of writing, “story”, filming and editing wherever they go, and also change the style of the “film” to fit each new place they share.

    There’s no other show remotely like it on television–despite the abundance of food and travel shows. I hope they win an Emmy for Beirut, but really the entire series deserves one.

    Compliments to all involved–you do a fantastic job. Thank you.

  • Patti

    I moved to Cleveland Heights from Atlanta 10 years ago. I do not miss Atlanta one bit. I love Cleveland and appreciate its character more every day.

    It is a wonderful place to live (not rush around live a rat in a lab experiment and call it living). Sure, it’s not “bright and shiney” like Atlanta, but it is somewhere you can call home and feel at home.

    There is so much here to do and enjoy. And because it’s so easy to get around, you have a lot more time to do all those things.

    Personally, I love winters here. “There’s no such thing as bad weather–just bad clothes.”

  • Liz

    Just got back to Chicago after my first ever trip to Cleveland – loved it so much that we decided we’d go back to “the Cleve” regularly, if only to eat at Crop again. Seriously, the best lamb tenderloin I’ve ever eaten – and if all waiters are as hot as the one we had on Tuesday night, I’ll freaking move.

  • Katrina

    I realize I’m a bit late in responding to this post, but I also wanted to share my personal Cleveland story. I had open heart surgery at the Clinic 4 years ago. Since I didn’t have oh-so-happy memories of my experience in Cleveland (ventilators and catheters can easily prevent good times), my friends and I decided to change that. So, now every year we make the trek out to Cleveland from Lancaster, PA in celebration. I have some amazing memories and experiences from my trips and I’m looking forward to another great time as we head out again this weekend. I’ve been spreading the Cleveland love ever since my 2nd trip and I’m usually met with a skeptical response. No worries. I’m still working on it.

    Any suggestions on restaurants?