“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steaks to cook.”

—Julia Child

From a review in the NYTBR of Julia Child by Laura Shapiro, a short bio part of the Penguin Lives series, and Backstage With Julia: My Years With Julia Child, by Nancy Verde Barr, who worked with America’s culinary matriarch as a culinary assistant and traveling companion for 24 years. 

And don’t forget: The Nation’s Premier Vacation Spot featured Monday night at 10 pm on the Travel Channel.


13 Wonderful responses to “Quote of the Day”

  • Chip Griffin

    I remember an excellent meal I had on my one trip to Cleveland, so I hardly think of it as a culinary wasteland. But “the nation’s premier vacation spot” may be just a wee bit of stretch, don’t you think?

  • Scotty

    We just got home from three days in the greater Cleveland area (Hudson). In fact I am devouring a slice of Yellow Watermelon bought from an Amish farmer at the Hudson Open Market. Cleveland is fun, and best enjoyed with friends, but they don’t know how to make wings yet!

  • FoodPuta

    Home is where you hang your hat.

    Did you choose to hang your hat in Cleveland for it’s culinary prowess?

    I guess I’ll have to pay attention to this up-coming episode for clarity.

  • veron

    I have recently come to appreciate the legacy of Julia Child after witnessing the circus on the Food Network. Off to Amazon to buy these books! Thanks!

  • artnlit

    Ah Julia, how the Food Network SO needs you now…

    “The Nation’s Premier Vacation Spot”?? Thanks for the laugh, Ruhlman! Actually, Cleveland has some cool things to offer, as we will no doubt see tonight on NR. Must admit, had an urge to stop up and see you the other weekend when I was visiting a friend in the Medina area.

  • Frances

    I saw a promo yesterday on FN about a new show, and it consisted of the star (I guess) frolicking on the beach. Maybe the show is just about food for thought?

  • guy

    I’m about halfway through Nancy Barr’s “Backstage With Julia” and I am really enjoying the book (even though I hadn’t really watched “The French Chef” and “Julia and Company” while I was growing up).

    One anecdote in the book floors me…Julia was a fan of Dan Akyroyd’s parody (she kept a video tape copy of it near her VCR), and at one point acted out the entire scene for a visitor who hadn’t seen it. On the other hand, she was perturbed by his voice parody (“I don’t sound like that!”) and claimed that every other voice parody of her was actually taking it from Akyroyd, not her.

  • Connor

    That is such a great quote!

    The Julia Child Kitchen at the Smithsonian American History Museum is really something special. It’s easy to wile away a lot of time taking in all the details. You can tell right away that hers was a cook’s kitchen, with everything in sight and easily accessible. It’s almost cluttered by today’s standard but so efficient.

  • ShannonL

    I’ve never been to Cleveland, so seeing it through Tony’s eyes should be a real treat.

    Looking forward to the drag race!

  • Neal Langham

    I’m eager to see this Cleveland and I must say that including Harvey Pekar in the episode makes me an even bigger fan of you and Bourdain.