This summer a friend and colleague, Anton Zuiker, asked if I’d consider traveling to Durham to do a blogging event.  Always game to return to the scene of my somewhat unfocused college days, I said sure.  On Monday, we’re hosting a dinner at Piedmont Restaurant (where Drew Brown, I’m hoping, will be working on his own charcuterie), to discuss, yes, the tradition of charcuterie, but more importantly eating local, the role of a chef in a community, and how diners can celebrate farmers, chefs, and cooks by sharing their experiences through blogs.  More details here.
    And I’m looking forward to returning to the Regulator for a reading the day before.  And if I’m lucky, I’ll get to see my mentor, Reynolds Price, who was the one who taught me how to sit down and write (his first novel, A Long and Happy Life remains one of my favorite novels and A Whole New Life is his extraordinary memoir of living through spinal cancer).  Little did he know in 1983 that I’d be returning to Durham to discuss a curious invention called a Blog.


20 Wonderful responses to “Blogtogether, Durham, NC, 9/25”

  • Skawt

    And here you are, blogging about blogging. The circle of life is complete. The only thing left now is for hyenas to eat your carcass and Tony to decide what he’s going to do with your cheek meat.

  • Vinotas

    Good to see people becoming aware of the importance of eating local and supporting regional farmers and growers. I try to shop as often as possible at the NYC Greenmarkets as opposed to the Food Extortium, not only is it cheaper but things just taste better.

  • Art

    What do Duke students and Davidson students have in common?

    They were both accepted at Duke!


    The blogger conference sounds interesting.

  • Nic Heckett

    Say hi to drew for me – I met him in Iowa this year. Lots of talent. Make sure you get some of Eliza McLean’s pork while in NC.

  • Jennifer

    It’s great to see bloggers coming together in support of local talent and cuisine that comes with it. I’m sorry I’ll miss the event. Here’s to much success!

  • Casey

    I graduated from Duke many decades ago and now live far from Durham, but I made a nostalgic visit there last winter. Inner West Campus seemed nearly unchanged to me; still gorgeous. In the years I was there Price’s writing class was the one class I yearned to take but never had the courage for.
    Glad you were braver.

  • French Laundry at Home

    Will you also return to what I’m sure were lovely fashion choices in 1983, just to make the circle complete? Although, it IS North Carolina, so they’re probably still wearing frosted, acid-washed denim.

  • Maura

    French Laundry said:
    “Although, it IS North Carolina, so they’re probably still wearing frosted, acid-washed denim.”

    Blessedly, no. This is hippie land. If I wanted to see acid-washed jeans, I would have stayed in Central PA.

    Looking forward to seeing you at The Regulator, Michael.

  • intheyearofthepig

    Piedmont makes some darn good food and at a very reasonable price. the place is a little loud, but I really like it. Better than the kitchens I’ve worked in around here to be sure.

    Going over to The Regulator, the Center for Doc. Studies, and Xiloa (a really great cheap central american restaurant) are pretty much the only reasons to get near Duke’s campus, and maybe a rock show at Duke Coffeehouse…

    Hippie land? is that what the duke students in $30,000 cars and the yuppies at the whole foods are? I always wondered what a hippie was.

    Very sadly I will be out of the state that weekend, come over to Chapel Hill some time and we can cook some cane creek farms pig in my backyard pit.

  • momp

    Reynolds Price is one of my favorite writers. I’ve also enjoyed all of your books.
    Now I see the connection!
    Thanks to you both.

  • Nic Heckett

    FYI – Eliza McLean is Cane Creek Farms. Great gal – great pork. Hope you get a chance to meet her while you are there.

  • Maura

    intheyearofthepig said:
    “Hippie land? is that what the duke students in $30,000 cars and the yuppies at the whole foods are? I always wondered what a hippie was.”

    Forget the Duke students. (I know I try to.) This place is loaded with crunchy people.

  • Anna

    Michael, it was a great pleasure to meet you this weekend. Thank you for all your advice. Hope you had a safe trip home.

  • Kirk

    Michael, it was great to spend some time with you in Durham this weekend. Thank you for being so generous and gracious with your time and energy. Good luck and have fun promoting the new book.