I am overwhelmed and grateful for the enormous outpouring of condolences and good wishes. We celebrated my father on Saturday and well into Sunday, as my dad would have wished.

Now I must get organized to return to "normal" life, which feels anything but normal now.  Toward that end, I won't be blogging for one more week, but will return on Monday, August 25.  In the meantime you might check out Bob del Grosso's blog, Hunger Artist, where Michael Pardus is posting the occasional dispatch from India.

You might also have a look at the excellent stories in the June issue of Food Arts magazine on the way our food world is changing and the forces behind these changes.


15 Wonderful responses to “Thank You”

  • Victoria

    You will stay in my thoughts during the difficult time ahead. I promise time makes it easier – eventually. The missing is always there, sometimes to catch you up short, but the acute pain and disbelief subsides, and you get to the point where the memories just always feel good. How lucky you are to have those memories. Your dad sounds like he was a fabulous guy.

  • Amy

    Take your time and do what you have to do.

    My thoughts are with you and yours…


  • The P/A

    Expressing my condolences with a donation to the Stand up 2 Cancer campaign.

    Strength to you and your family in coping with this loss.

  • Sally

    I have lost both of my parents already. I’m only 54, my dad 14 years ago, my mom 5 years ago. Let yourself feel your loss. It will last lifetime.
    You eventually learn to use your loss positively. It’s part of the cosmic plan.

  • Badger

    No one expects you to jump right back into the saddle, so I’m glad to hear you aren’t putting that sort of pressure on yourself. I don’t think there is such a thing as returning to normal after such a devastating loss, but just like after a birth or a serious illness or any other life-changing event, you find your way to a “new normal”.

    I don’t know you and didn’t know your dad but it’s obvious from what you’ve written that everything you do is a tribute to him and the influence he had on you, and there’s some healing to be found in that, I think.

  • *susan*

    Loosing someone is very hard…. don’t believe any time lines. You have to find your own. Be well.

  • pavlov


    Thanks for sharing your Fathers memory and best wishes for you and your family in what must be a trying and difficult time. Take this opportunity to hold dear the ones you love and don’t rush back….. I think I speak for most when I say we will be here when you are ready to return. God Bless.

  • bb

    Michael…..Having gone through the death of my mother this past June, I can only sympathize. What amazed me, and continues to 2 months later is not only the selfless support of my close friends, but the thoughts and good wishes from people I hardly know and who certainly didn’t have any connection to my mom. Pretty damn incredible. And “normal” takes some time to get back to….you’ll still feel those not-so-normal moments for weeks, and i hope you appreciate them because while at times and sad, it is also an opportunity to remember, you know?

    Take care, and thanks for sharing….bb

  • MissV

    Continued thoughts and hugs your way.

    And “normal” life… my dad passed in 2004… I’m hoping to get back to “normal” life any day now…

  • sor

    Thank you for sharing the memory of your father – I, too, am moved by the photo with his granddaughter. It speaks volumes that you chose to share your grief with us. He seems like a marvelous man. My condolences to you and your family.

  • kanani

    Oh, my. I think in three months time it just hits. Thoroughly and completely. I’ll be thinking of you during that time especially, as you go through the motions of blogging and writing. I think your Dad had the best deal: he got to raise you and imbue you with his love of words.

  • sam

    Dear Michael
    I am late to these news but no the less sincere in offering my condolences. Your father, by all accounts, must have been a wonderful man. And he must have been proud to have an equally wonderful son who I am sure will continue his legacy.
    love Sam