The Chef Congress begins tomorrow, Sunday 9/14, at the Armory on Park Avenue and East 66th, and runs through Tuesday.  I’ll be signing books at the Kitchen Arts & Letters booth near the main stage Sunday from 1:30 to 2.  I’m only praying that insufferable Bourdain character won’t be there at the same time.  He tends to hog all the book buyers.

Heston Blumenthal of The Fat Duck is Sunday’s keynote speaker at 11:15.  At 5:30, I’m moderating a discussion between Bourdain and Marco Pierre White.  That ought to be interesting.  I’ve asked for a pitcher of Negronis and one chef knife to be placed on the table between them.

The main stage schedule.

On Monday morning, my friend and Charcuterie co-author Brian Polcyn will give a charcuterie demo.  If you want hands on charcuterie advice, here’s your chance.  Brian’s a great teacher.


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  • Brian Seaver


    I would love to see the discussion with the 3 of you ! How does one obtain admission ? Thanks !

  • Melissa

    HA! As soon as I saw the words Bourdain and Marco White together my brain went uh-oh….hope you survive! Hope you have a long line of books to sign too!


  • Amy

    How’s about a suggestion that you all come to the Chicagoland area?

    *hint hint nudge nudge* eh?? Please? : P

  • Natalie Sztern

    I see that there will be a Quebec lunch on the first day: it hopefully will include tourtiere, foie gras, poutine, something made from erable (maple syrup), and might include a french-canadian pea soup plus a tarte au sucre and cretons

  • keV beaks

    Heston blumenthal is a twat. Don’t be phased by his conspicuous fame. Until he started to mimic Adria, and consult scientists, his was a backwater brasserie churning out MPW style bistrot fare just like any number of wanabees at that time. It was only when he started to be the Anglo-Saxon Adria that his PR people finally had something to hang their hat on.

    Why don’t you ask him about that when you meet him?

  • june-baby

    Michael, all I can say is good luck moderating Bourdain and Marco you are going to need it.
    If Bourdain acts up you can send him to the corner, LOL.

    Good luck at your book signing too.

  • Steven Morehead

    Chef Brian’s demo will be cool for sure!!! Much more useful than bourdain and marco, but then I’m a little biased. Will you be eating at his new restaurant anytime soon? I wish I could go but I just moved away from MI.

  • Chris N.

    Could you please post Michel Richard’s method for sausage making using plastic wrap?

    That’d be righteous, I would appreciate it.


  • jscirish27

    Michael, I just checked the site today and I am so disappointed… yesterday was my day off and I totally could have made it up there. On the positive side, I was able to cook two chickens in the smoker and clean the house, but it doesn’t compare.

  • mike pardus

    kevBeaks – not confrontational, nor biased…please justify the comment on HB…I have found his information insightful and useful. The world is full of frauds, but I don’t consider myself easily duped, I’m open to informed correction – please correct me with precise and substantial information that I can relate to my students.

    Thanks – MP

  • HappyHoarfrost

    Bated breath on the re-telling of all!

    Because that sounded better than a terrine of Austin City Limits, Burlesque show, hot-air balloon ride, and floor seats for a heart-transplant.
    And that was just the Bourdain/White “chat.”

  • Cameron S.

    Heston Blumenthal is definitely someone I listen to, and I enjoy his show and books. The restaurant is also a great experience. I don’t know him personally so can’t relate to his level of twat-i-tude at all.

  • NYCook

    I wish I could have been there for this I really am hoping to cross paths with marco one of these days, but Sunday is a football day not a work day so… Anyway I just got a copy of his first book White Heat through Amazon, it is amazing, very cool stuff.

  • jscirish27

    NYCook, I am totally bummed I missed this as well, but I concur, Sunday is football day and day of rest from restaurant work day (except for the work I do on my smoker at home). I have yet to pick up White Heat but I want to. I have a few other books to work through first though.

  • brian

    of all the weeks to be locked down and on the road for work! Sorry I missed this, especially the charcuterie portion of coarse, maybe one day we’ll get a Chicago presentation…yeah hint hint!

  • Nathalie

    Why is it, that the folks making this matter, B.o.H. & F.o.H. all are too busy working it, to be there, as guests of honour?

    Don’t answer, we all know the answer.

    Just make us look, sane, maybe?

    The coffee break read is, bleak, at best.


  • luis

    “savvy and sangfroid ” Rhulman… your accolades on the blurb at the congress. Until I look them up in sangfroid fashion…I thought you were part of some sort of menu….Who wrote that? Bourdain?

  • luis

    Ok, Michael…here is were one home cook stands this day.
    1. Some meals such as fried chicken or eggrolls and a million others should be eaten after they are cooked.
    2. Some meals such as pork tenderloins in home fries, poblanos and sweet onions and shaved garlic can be eaten anytime anytime at all… when you break them out at work and don’t bother to heat them and you gather a crowd around you….hey .. That’s hardy stuff….enuff said.
    But forcemeats such as sausages…make sense in my budget. They are flavorfull and hearty and great complemts to such staples as rices and pastas.
    My problem is I have tooled up to make sausages and other forced meats but casings are impossible to buy locally.. maybe on the net? not cheap… which defeats the whole exercise.! damm it.!
    My take on this is and forgive me because I have a copy of charcuterie…that I haven’t really really read it yet!!!! my bad!!!
    Again given that confession, I am interested in a simplified Charcuterie recipe or recipes that I can do at home with a few ingredients and really bring to life the all tooo ever present pastas and rices my budget thrusts on me.
    Show me how to make inexpensive sausages to complement pastas and rices and polentas etc…and you would rock my kitchen stadium….
    O’ course I buy the stuff in specialty stores and build the dishes easy enough at home.
    Last and least is Michael have you considered a simple book on making sausages economically and easilly in the average Joe’s kitchen.?
    OBTW, that make your own pasta at home idea? Isn’t so hot… I am still working on it for what it’s worth. But to date there is no reason to go through the trouble to make home made pasta. Disclosure.. I am still trying… but NOT IMPRESSED by my results to date.

  • luis

    Disregard my previous post. I am interested in making tasty summer sausages and better meatballs etc…chorizos. And I know once I get really going on CHARCUTERIE your book there are many easy recipes there already.

    The casings un-availability sort of bummed me out there.

    Your next book should be better than your previous book. And not everyone is into making sausages and force meats.

    Still at my level I feel there is plenty o’recipes out in the web and in your books.

    I love the 543 rule on ” The Making of a Chef”. This is something I can get my hands around and play with….. that I love. Good luck if you decide to publish a new charcuterie book. You should consider updating the existing book unless there is really some new powerful techniques out there that would warrant a completelly new work.
    That would keep the focus on the existing definitive work Charcuterie and invite fans of the book to see what’s new and different.

  • amber

    as much as i love living in LA, there are times that i’m beyond bummed not to live in NY. how ’bout adding an LA stop on the next book tour, eh? 🙂