For those who aren't regular Times readers, you may want to check out today's Magazine, a special issues devoted to food.  This great image, one of three the editors are using, is by German photographer Martin Klimas, who fires projectiles through the food and manages to capture the action.


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  • jodycakes

    Got a sneak peek online last night but on my way out the door to pick up my copy…

    They showed a clip of Shopsin’s Mac & Cheese Pancakes…any takers?

  • Natalie Sztern

    Someone let me know if this was printed – my letter to Editor of Sunday Styles..keep in mind I do not do what I wrote (I am much more a traditionalist)but I also don’t fast either…

    My Dinner With Adrià

    By Allen Salkin

    To the Editor,

    Yom Kippur is not just a day to fast, but a day spent in Synagogue repenting sins to our Yoshem from the Siddur and in front of the bema and torah, beyond our hunger. It is also a day where those who have had loved ones die, say Yizkor, which is the holiest of prayers.

    For Mr. Salkin to have followed Chef Adria around town and aide him in the cooking of what must have been a fabulous meal, to me; as a fellow Jew, is so far removed from Yom Kippur, that it is illogical why he did not just sit down and eaten it fresh.

    I cannot believe a Rabbi would condone such a day as a day spent atoning for Mr. Salkin’s sins. In fact Mr. Salkin probably added to his sins that day, if just becausen he did not eat what must have been a dream dinner.

    Yours truly,

    Natalie Sztern
    Montreal, Quebec

  • Lilly

    Thanks for the advice, it’s always around now all these mags start doing the special food issues – the New Yorker one is always a good read too.

  • sarah

    I get the times and was so amazed by that picture—I love incredible food photography. I like corn but it is not my in my “top 10” veggies. In this case, it actually looked mouth watering!

  • chadzilla

    To Natalie…
    Great points, but it may still be uncertain who should atone for the great sin of having a one-shot moment of Ferran Adria cooking in someone’s home wasted on Allen Salkin. Forgive me also, for I do not know much about the man, but it was painful to read that article. He actually quips that he was surprised he didn’t have to stop somewhere to pick up a bunsen burner for the dinner. We can only imagine what degradation Chef Adria must have endured to go through this to the end. I’m sure it’s a testimony to his good nature.
    I do not blame him for telling the author that this sort of interview will never happen again. Did Mr. Salkin expect some sort of wizardry or hocus-pocus? Just let the man cook.

  • Mathias Eichler

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one, that was shocked by the interview with Chef Adria. I know we as foodsnobs like to worship our idosl, but this was some of the worst interview/article I read in a log time.

  • nondiregol

    I loved this issue as soon as I pulled out of my Sunday Times.

    And today I’m going to meet Ferran Adria and have my book signed.

  • amber

    i was at the adria signing yesterday in LA. neither my friend nor I could do more than grin a stupid grin and repeatedly say thank you. gah! i told myself i’d be a bit more together, but yeah, didn’t happen.

    he was a very gracious person and i look forward to some quality time flipping through the book this weekend.

  • Barb

    Thought it was a wonderful issue, good to see these food problems getting more attention.
    Great photo, ours was the pumpkin so cool.

  • Kathleen

    This was a *great* issue. If you missed it, you can call the NY Times at 1-800-753-7795 and order it.