Help end the 8-year fiasco with a resounding vote for Barack Obama.

While we don’t know much about where the candidates stand on food issues, nicely pointed out here by Jeff Houck of the Tampa Tribune, we do know that Obama’s stances on all important issues, including his not raising taxes on the vast majority of Americans, are indeed intended to reverse the appalling course set by the Bush administration.  Here is the NYTimes editorial page endorsement of Obama, or better, read Thomas Friedman’s commentary today that endorses neither candidate but instead asks voters to consider the qualities we want in our president.

PS: Just been informed by a reader that the excellent jason kottke has linked to a Joe Klein interview in which Obama mentions the Pollan article.


239 Wonderful responses to “VOTE OBAMA”

  • ruhlman

    I’m surprised by the number of comments. I am not surprised by the passion of them nor, generally, by the quality of the language. What writer isn’t grateful to have passionate articulate readers? I’m glad for every comment. Blogs are still in an awkward experimental stage. These comments help me to understand what they mean to people. Thank you all who have commented.

  • redredsteve


    You know, the more I post in this forum I have to admit I’m changing my mind about the post itself. I guess I shouldn’t be upset about it being where it is and honestly, if it were an endorsement for McCain I would likely be commending Ruhlman, like so many of the Obama supporters here are doing. My earlier posts were, I suppose, a knee-jerk reaction. I was just taken off guard.

    About your other comments… hmm… Well, yes. I do know some Muslims and have wonderful conversations with them about many things. You’re right, most Muslims are not extreme and believe 9/11 to be a tragedy. Ahmadinejad is not one such Muslim. You want to talk about preaching hate, read his addresses on the West.

    Abortion… again, hmm… hard to discuss in this format, and perhaps not entirely appropriate. It has always been the deal breaker for so many voters, though, including myself. My opinion? To be pro-choice is not a stance, it’s a side step. If it’s wrong then it’s wrong for everyone, no matter the circumstance. If it’s right, then it’s right. Obama is playing both sides and tempting both political parties with his stance on the issue. I’d rather have a little backbone.

  • Natalie Sztern

    Copy and paste so everyone can hear the conversation….what you have to listen for is when he speaks in french it is a mumble and his english accent is not parisian, it is a slang Quebecois…he tells her he wants to go helicopter shooting so they can kill ‘les babies phoques’ pronounced baby fucks which are baby seals but she doesn’t ask one question of him….maybe you have to be french canadian…listen to how he describes making love to his wife on the phone!!!


  • faustianbargain

    to be pro-choice is to say that one respects a woman enough to let her take care of her uterus and all that it may or may not want to hold.

    as a woman, i am appalled that anyone would tell me what i should or should not do with my body.

    my body, my choice.

    its a stance.

  • Tom

    I respect your right to voice your opinion as you see fit, but given that this election cycle has basically been going on for the last four years, I (and more than a few other Americans) are just a skosh burnt out on it. Unless Barry has a revolutionary new recipe, please stick to food.

  • MessyONE

    Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda……

    I see you’ve lost your Canadian sense of humor. For those that don’t know what she’s talking about, a Montreal-based comedian made a telephone call to Sarah Palin yesterday (?) and convinced her that he was Nicolas Sarkoczy (sp?).

    She bought it. She bought it so fully that he had her convinced they needed to go rabbit hunting together, that she was a stylish darling (leading to her making comments about Ms. Bruni that could be taken as either envious or catty), and that she would make a great President. She swallowed it all, for a good five minutes.

    In fact, as the comments he made got more and more absurd, she kept on believing every word he said. He finally had to TELL HER who he was and what he was doing. After that, an aide took the phone and hung up on him with no further comment.

    It was hilarious and disturbing at the same time. Hilarious because, well, if you don’t get it, I can’t explain it. Disturbing not only because she accepted every absurdity at face value, but because both she and her aide were completely unable to see the humor in the situation.

    This particular comedy troupe has been doing things like this for years. They are never rude, they never get nasty and when the target of their phone call gets the joke, no one finds it too upsetting. Then again…..they don’t usually have to be told that they’re being pranked.

  • sean

    To all of you who have been impugned by ruhlman’s endorsement, please remember that our government is representative and that it is all of our duties to be aware and to be made aware of our obligation. To claim ruhlman should not have made this post is preposterous.

  • milo

    “If it’s wrong then it’s wrong for everyone, no matter the circumstance.”

    That’s your position, many people simply don’t agree. It’s one thing to disagree with people, it’s another to dismiss their views as “not a stance”.

    Personally, I feel it’s an option that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it’s an option that should be available, particularly in cases of rape, incest, and the life and health of the mother. I think Obama has a much more nuanced take than you usually find in politics, which I find refreshing.

    It seems odd to me that opposing choice is supposedly the “conservative” position when it’s the side of the issue that has the government meddling and invading people’s privacy. Same goes for gay marriage.

    I guess “smaller government” is only applied where it’s convenient.

  • Rhonda

    Thanks MessyONE.

    I know. My Canadian humour (notice the “u” & RICK MERCER IS A GOD), is lacking at this time. Perhaps I will find this funny next week. Perhaps, not.

    I just felt it was bad timing on our part. I also do not think that it is in good form to pick on retarded people. Ok, THAT was funny!

    All the best,


  • Lisa

    Thanks for reminding everyone to vote!

    I voted early, about 2 weeks ago, for Mr. Obama, and I am glad to say that I finally got my non-voting husband to register and actually vote this year, too. Politicians are not all the same, and elections do matter.

  • redredsteve

    faustian bargain

    I agree, it’s your body and do with it what you will. So long as it only affects you, I’m with you, it’s your choice. I believe that in the case of abortion that it isn’t only your body, however.

    Oh so sticky a topic, and I’m not trying to offend anyone or disregard your beliefs. The way I see it is if a woman isn’t allowed to harm her children AFTER birth then why should she be allowed to before? It comes down to a discussion of embryonic developement, fetuses, etc. But if you believe the child in the womb to be exactly that – a child (homo sapien) then I don’t see the validity of a pro-choice stance.

  • faustianbargain

    on a completely different note, is also running an ad on the front page asking us to ‘protect traditional marriage’ by ‘voting yes on prop 8’…which,btw, i think is wrong and unfair. prop 8 will be voted in california and am wondering why ruhlman from ohio cares…


  • Natalie Sztern

    MessyOne are u saying Rhonda is Canadian?

    And she couldn’t find that audio tape funny?

    Sarah was so excited to talk with President Sarkozy that the Vice-Presidential Candidate
    lost all her conscious intelligence and became a blubbering idiot – I mean, even the republican believers have to see it…..

  • faustianbargain

    redredsteve, i understand your discomfort in discussing such a sensitive issue. put aside any notion that you’ll be offending me because i want to hear your pov too.

    i believe that a fetus is not a child. a fetus is a ‘viable life’. a fetus may or may not become a child even if it is carried to full term is there are medical issues.

    * if i had been raped and didnt want to have a rapist’ child, should i be asked to raise a child of rape?

    * if i am carrying a child of incest, should i be burdened with the responsibility of raising a child that will be my son who might also be my nephew…maybe a daughter who is also my sister?

    * if i am physically abused by my husband/boyfriend, should i bring a child into this world where he/she will too be subjected to abuse?

    * if i cant afford to raise my child, can i sleep well knowing that the state will take care of us?

    * if i am a drug abuser, should i have a crack baby?

    i am putting *myself* in each of the examples because i want you to know that it IS personal for millions of women who are pro-choice.

    sarah palin and her daughter are pro-choice too. they exercised their right to have a down’s syndrome baby and what would be a teen pregnancy because this country supports their rights. but sarah palin wants to take away MY(or any one else’s) right to not have a challenged baby or a child of rape.

  • redredsteve

    And so we reach where this discussion always adjourns… rape, incest, etc. If these were the only instances that we would consider abortion to be a medical practice we would be having a very different conversation. We would talk about social ills, sexual education, abstinence, abolition of pornography, I could go on… The fact is, however, that abortion is most often used as a form of birth control and most women who get abortions are not in such a situation as you discribe. In fact, most women getting abortions have had one before.

    I’m a little confused about your opinion of the fetus/child definition. If a fetus becomes a child at birth, barring medical issues or what have you, then couldn’t you say the same of a young child with a medical condition that would prevent them from further developing into adulthood? Would be alright to kill that child should his/her existence burdent the parent/s? It’s a level of development. Are there people who are alive but do not have (or will ever have) mental or physical capacities or developments that would cause you to not consider them human and deserving to live?

  • milo

    Assuming abortion is mainly used as a form of birth control, then wouldn’t the logical conclusion for someone unhappy with that be to encourage women to use OTHER forms of birth control, thus reducing the number of abortions?

  • Greely


    One of the greatest things we have in the United States is Freedom of Speech. We also have the freedom to disagree with each other. I don’t think that when we do disagree with each other we should start name-calling.

    Obama is not the best candidate for office. I would also agree that McCain isn’t either. It’s basically the lessor of two evils.

    Both are lacking in certain decisive area’s that make a good President. The fact that you put up the link to Thomas Friedman’s article says you appreciate there is neutral side and I admire you for that.

    However, I have issue’s with a candidate who accepted earmarks and then said he would do so no longer. Yet, his running mate (Biden) has approximately 330 million dollars of earmarks for his state in FY 09.

    Obama also said a year or two ago, he didn’t have the experience to be President. Also, when he said he was running for office, he would only use government funds to run. How quickly that changed.

    Obama also has an aunt in the United States illegally. She lost her request for asylum in 2005 and is living in public housing in South Boston.

    Biden slammed Obama during the primaries saying he doesn’t have the experience but now thinks he’s able to be President. He also said on October 19th that during the first six months Obama would be tested with a major international crisis and the decision made might not be the best one. Think this is wrong?

    Fact, when Kennedy was thought to be weak and inexperienced, he was tested by the Russians with the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Berlin Wall. He also made wrong decisions with the Bay of Pigs invasion.

    Fact, when Reagan who the Iranians thought was a cowboy became President, they released the hostages because they were worried about what he would do.

    Fact, the first month in office, Clinton had the first World Trade Center bombing.
    (Sidebar Fact; Clinton signed NAFTA into law which started the outsourcing trend as well as signed the deregulation of the financial industry back in 1999.)

    Fact, 9 months into office, George W. Bush had the second World Trade Center incident which was planned during the Clinton Presidency. Bush had pretty high approval ratings but tanked them. Only time will determine if his decision to go into Iraq was the right one or not.

    Personally, as a military veteran of almost 13 years service, I think it was. The planning and manpower was not done correctly but the decision to invade (faulty intelligence withstanding) was the correct one.

    What are some of the upsides to this? Qaddafi in Libya stopped being a problem. The 10 years of Hussein thumbing his nose at the United Nations and the US about inspections and the no-fly zone are over. The people have more freedom and rights than the did.

    Before anybody says the negative, loss of life for our military servicemembers, I agree. I work at a VA Hospital and encounter veteran’s from all era’s on a daily basis. I too am also a veteran as well and served during the first Gulf War.

    History needs to be studied. History shows that Democrats cut the military. The problem with that is after every military downsizing, there is almost always some type of crisis or war where our military has to be brought back up to strength.

    Sadly, the old phrase, “Soldier’s and dogs keep off the grass” comes to mind.

    After World War I, the military downsized and about 23 years went by and then World War II. We built the military up during WWII only to downsize it after the war and five years later came the Korean war. The US built back up and then again downsized afterwards. In 1965, we deployed combat units to Vietnam though advisor’s had been in that country for year’s already. After Vietnam ended in 1975, the military was downsized again and was not built up until Reagan became President. This increase in US military strength is part of what helped cause the downfall and collapse of the former Soviet Union.

    Before, you vote, take the time to look. Don’t just vote because you’ve always voted Democrat or Republican. Vote for the best person for the job. Examine the history of each candidate and see if they have been consistent on issue’s all of the time. Have they changed their mind on anything substantial and why did they change it?

    It’s funny how watching old reruns of The West Wing, that some of the issues in the debate between Santos (Smits) and Vinnick
    (Alda) are still here today. Also, that during the fictional deploying of troops to Kazakstan, President Bartlett (Sheen) tells the two candidates he doesn’t have an exit strategy so they better start thinking.

    History can be considered dull and boring for some. Yet, history can also help give us the answers to the future by helping us avoid the mistakes of the past.

    Vote. Vote for the best person. Vote for the one will make a difference in the future and who has the experience and wisdom to lead us into a better future.

    “No hope for those who fear”

  • J

    anyone find it ironic that people in this thread feel the need to express thier opinion when the opinion they are expressing is “keep your opinion to yourself” ?

    Thanks for saying something Rhuls(so glad I agree with you)I will now go purchase the books of yours I do not own at a drastically reduced price on Amazon today!

  • Kate in the NW

    “Stick to food, not politics?” Food IS politics. Did no one else watch the Chautauqua thing?

    Has no one read the first amendment?

    And what of civic responsibility – we don’t have the luxury of silence. Too much rides on what happens tomorrow. If voter turnout is 85% as predicted, this could usher in a new age of participitory democracy. Wouldn’t THAT be nice? Something to be grateful for no matter who endorses whom or how things turn out. [closes eyes, crosses fingers, chants “Obama, Obama, Obama…”]

    As for those who say “you can cook, you can tell me for whom I’m to cast my vote? I don’t think so. Keep it in the kitchen – not the voting booth.”
    Gee – where have I heard that before? Oh yeah – it was said to anyone who openly supported the 19th Amendment. If you substitute “work” for “cook and “fields” for “kitchen”, it was said a generation or two before that to anyone who openly supported the 15th Amendment. Apparently by people who failed to read the 1st Amendment (see above).

    I also find it interesting that the commenters most critical of your topic here are the ones who have most readily become political themselves in past posts.

    I applaud not only your choice of candidates, but also your willingness to stick your neck out and make this statement, which stands by everything else you’ve written, as far as I can tell.

  • Mark

    Oh Mr. Ruhlman. My condolences on the loss/alienation of so many “loyal readers”, though I found most of the parting shots a bit weak for my taste. “Have a nice life”? Come on, people…you guys sound like my dad. Oh, right: you’re McCain voters. Regardless, see if you can come up with something remotely 21st century if you’re going to be mean.

    Obama 08

  • Chris Walker Versus

    I didn’t vote for Obama and I still enjoy Ruhlman’s books and blog. Having a difference in opinion – especially considering something like politics – shouldn’t alienate readers. I pity those who are so close-minded.

  • jscirish27

    If nothing else this thread has been educational as to what is wrong with this country: we divide ourselves along the lines of our differences; the haves versus have nots; republicans versus democrats; liberals versus conservatives; caucasians versus non-caucasians; instead of embracing our similarities and common good. It is sad. Maybe we should sit down with people and have dinner more often, sharing life instead of living in our angry solipsistic Ipod/digital/sound-byte worlds. I think something went dreadfully wrong when we stopped having dinner together.

  • Connor

    As always, the back-and-forth here is interesting.

    I respect Michael’s point of view — and respect it regardless of who he’s voting for tomorrow.

    I guess what didn’t sit the best with me is that he’s telling ME (and his other readers) how to vote. That’s very different than telling someone whom you’re voting for and why. To me, this post wasn’t as thoughtful or carefully framed as it could have been, especially given that Ruhlman is venturing into uncharted territory here. And that’s something I typically love about Ruhlman’s writing — it’s thoughtful and engaging.

    Anyways, no harm done — just bring on the food posts pronto! Many of us need some distraction from politics, especially those of us living inside the Beltway.

  • cherylk

    RedRedSteve ~ let’s find our common ground, we both love our country, we both love the fact that we can disagree so openly and I applaud your civility. We know we both love food or we wouldn’t have found this blog, so we agree to disagree, may the best man win in tomorrow’s election and peace to you and yours.

  • bob

    Oh crap… and here I thought there would be some places I could get away from this election crap.

    well… it does have TONS to do with gastronomy – not.

    Good job. Removed from my favorites and killed links to your blog on all my web pages – dingus.

    I read this to get perspectives on cooking… not politics. YOU FAIL.

  • Rhonda

    I just checked in with this Blog and am very disturbed by the comments.

    There seems to be some people who are finding their way to this Blog for the first time and the discussion happens to be political. They, apparently, are not happy by this.

    99.99% of the time, the topic is on gastronomy. However, there is an election taking place tomorrow that will set the climate for the US and the world economic system. Everyone is watching. We, as a group, regularily discuss food and politics. What happens tomorrow has bearing on the future — for everyone — worldwide. This is BIG!

    For Michael to discount the Elephant in the living room (no, I am not referring to a particular political party) would be to disrespect his readership. It is on all of our minds.

    Bob, please check back in a week or so when the smoke has cleared. You will learn many wonderful things, not only from Michael, but from the Master Chefs who also follow and contribute to this Blog.

    Your timing is unfortunate. Please give our group another try later on.

  • MessyONE


    It sounds like Rhonda’s Canadian – I’m pretty sure she is, anyway. I suspect her objection was the timing of the broadcast – just a couple of days before the vote and all. Still, when better to do it? Palin was screamingly funny. It was almost like the comedian was the straight man in the scenario fercryinoutloud!

    I see the “discussion” has degenerated to abortion, general spouting off and pouting. Too bad. I run into so many Americans who take everything seriously that they take offense at everything. That’s gotta get boring after awhile, don’t you think?

  • Kelly

    Please, please, go to the polls tomorrow, if you haven’t already, and vote for Obama. Michael, you still have all of your fans here in the upper left of the U.S.! We love you in our little blue bubble of Seattle.

  • faustianbargain

    redredsteve: so what? why does it matter to you if women have consecutive abortions? an abortion is an abortion is an abortion. it happens because the potential child is not wanted. it is as simple as that.

    the woman does not want to carry a fetus for nine months and be burdened with the responsibility of raising a young person. why is that so wrong?

    if abstinence worked, there wouldnt be so many pregnant teens in this country. it doesnt help that sex education is considered scandalous. if this country was like saudi arabia, then perhaps abstinence would work. a permissive society that allows teens and pre teens to date should not be preaching abstinence.

    re the fetus/child thing..i am not going to thrash it here(and now), but as long as a fetus acts like a parasite(its not a deragatory term..i just cant think of another word to fit the description of a being that cannot survive on its own and feeds off the host biologically) and lives off the mothers’ resources, it has no rights. thats where i stand. unless i am growing a baby in a vat that resides in your pantry instead of inside my body, i get to choose what to do with my physical real estate.

  • Marlene

    For those who would say they would not buy Michael’s books because they disagree with a blog post, I say, by all means, cut off your nose to spite your face. You will miss books to come yet, from a gifted writer, knowledgable and passionate about food and cooking.

    So be it, your loss. I am sorry that you will miss out on this.

    I was, I admit, somewhat surprised to see such a post on Michael’s blog, which is predominately about food, but it is his blog.

    We recently had an election here in Canada, where we didnt’really have much of a choice, and frankly, I don’t envy Americans their choices tomorrow.

    At the end of the day, as a friend of mine on facebook wrote, “tomorrow, half of the country will be disappointed. Let’s all try to remain civil”.

    Thank you Michael, given the stresses you’ve been under lately, for continuing to try to come here and share your thoughts with people.

  • Marlene

    I happen to be Canadian as well, and I am glad to know I am not the only one appalled at our comedians.

    It’s interesting to watch Americans sometimes. You who are so passionate about free speech and the right not only to you opinions, but the right to voice them where ever and whenever you want.

    But let someone post something on a blog that you disagree with, and suddenly, it’s all over? You’re not going to read, contribute, play anymore?

    Personally, I can only imagine what the billons of dollars raised in this two year election process could have done to feed the poor in your country, or help towards education or healthcare.

  • Rhonda

    O CRAP.

    I guess I have to address this or it will get out of control. Yes, for all intrinsic purposes, at this time, I am Canadian.

    Thanks for “Outing” me. You should know that I was born in Canada and shortly thereafter lived all over the world (including the US) and now, I happen to find myself back in Canada. Am I Canadian? I don’t know and subsequently posted question marks after my last post. I have been lucky and privileged enough to live and relate to almost any person or culture on this planet. In fact, I defy you to come up with something that I cannot find in common with you.

    Is that not what a Canadian is, after all?

    Yes, I pulled our (Canadian) politeness card because although this election will affect us greatly, we do not have a direct say in it.

    I think we were inconsiderate and insensitive to the extremity of the situation by airing the Comedians rant, even though it may be funny.

  • Joanie

    faustianbargain – time as a POW does NOT give someone experience to govern. I was just using that comparison to show how little time Obama has spent in the Senate. Less time than McCain spent as a POW.

    Jaxi, how can there be quality of performance when there has been so little TIME gaining experience? Obama has done nothing. No one can point to any of his accomplishments in the Senate because he has none. He has NO track record.

  • Ryan68

    In the Comments section Ruhlman said:

    “I’m not presuming to tell anyone that I know better than they whom they should vote for.”

    Yet, that is exactly what the original post did presume.

    I mean, the title of the post was:

    And it certainly is his right to post whatever he wants. Just like Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon can say whatever they want when presenting an Oscar.

    But, it is highly disingenious and not a very classy move.

    Ruhlman went down a few notches in my book too. Hope is was worth it.

  • Cameron S.

    Hah – people deleting the blog bookmark – you only can read things that you 100% agree with. That cracks me up.

    Check out some of the blogs about Josef Stalin and Chairman Mao, they would agree with you on that kind of lockstep ideological culture warrior crap.

    Grow up, and learn to be able to critically analyze different points of view without getting so outraged that someone would have their own opinion about their country that they love.

    The horror, the horror.

  • Elizabeth

    I find it amusing when Repubs whine about celebrities voicing their political opinions, but only if those opinions happen to oppose their conservative views. The SNL sketch where McCain poked fun at Barbra Streisand was cute, but now he’s trotting around Joe the Plumber as the latest trick in his dog and pony show (that is, when Joe actually decides to show up). Also nice zinger from Palin when she claims Stephen is her favorite Baldwin. I don’t care that Jon Voight and Donald Trump are out there supporting their candidate, so why should you anti-Obama people be jumping all over Ruhlman?

  • the girl that left her truffle oil at your house Saturday night

    ah may dear friends agree to disagree. there is nothing like old friends, fabulous food and good wine (fine wine all the better)let the games begin. but let us never forget what is important. michael you and i know… to quote bob dylan all along the watch tower. intellectual discourse and sea salt- what two better things for a saturday night dinner. bring it on. tissues and white burgundy to the loser wednesday. xo oh and here’s to turnips that aren’t bitter

  • Lucy

    Makes sense, an amateur, flunkie “food writer” and “chef” smuggles his way in to the American consciousness on the coat-tails of Bourdain and then supports a Marxist who is sneaking into the White House as a vehicle for change.

  • Michael Obertone

    I have worked with Michael and think that his personality leads him to believe that his statement of voting for Obama is ego taking control. His post of “Vote Obama” was truly meant to sway people who have not yet made up their minds. Like many elitists, Michael presumes he knows what is best for the general public and is trying to tell us what is best for us and the country in general. Anyone who can remember Kennedy and his first 100 days in office will know that we can ill afford an inexperienced president in the dangerous times in which we live. I am truly concerned for the world my daughter will have to live in.

  • MessyONE

    Rhonda, it’s ok to be happily and proudly Canadian. After all, it was Pierre Burton who said that a Canadian is someone who knows how to make love in a canoe. What greater (or more difficult) accomplishment do you want?

    Canada gave the world insulin, basketball, hockey, and the Royal Canadian Air Farce, not to mention the League of Nations, which later became the United Nations. Wayne Gretzky, Pamela Anderson (ok, that’s one not all of us are particularly proud of), Michael J. Fox, Peter Jennings, and John Roberts (of newsdesk fame) the Kids In the Hall, John Candy, Mike Myers and many others – all Canadian. The entire world listens to CBC news.

    Canadian chefs? Among the best. Anyone who’s eaten at Sook Harbour House, Canoe, The Hardware Grill, Au Pied du Cochon, Trevor Kitchen, and many others can tell you that. Best below-street level bar? Why that would be C’est What? in Toronto, right (Gotta love those veggie chips)?

    Canada as a country is nothing to sneeze at. Why, we haven’t had an election in the last 40 years that lasted more than ONE day! Yes, that was a bit of a dig. I still don’t get why American elections are so complicated. Ah, well….

    We are renowned for our sense of humor, our light-hearted attitude (except in Quebec, sometimes), and our capacity for strong drink. The world LIKES us. What many mistake for being overly polite, we know is merely the reserve that comes with a “live and let live” philosophy that requires that we DON’T tell others what to think and do.

    So Rhonda, don’t just concede to being Canadian, embrace it! We’re among the most fun nationalities in the world (it’s the beer). We like everyone. We accept anyone. No one messes with us! What else could you ask?

  • Janet Nelson

    Me, I’m voting for the smartest guy in the room. Anyone that can
    ramp up those community organizing skills to create the most effective
    campaign ever can run my country any time.

  • jscirish27

    It is quite disingenuous that so many of these commenters are bashing Michael for exercising his First Amendment rights; would you feel the same way if it was someone stumping for your candidate? I don’t know Michael except through his writing, but it is obvious he is a pretty passionate guy. He also has a family who he cares about. Thus, if he honestly believes that Obama is going to be the best choice for his family and the country, I begrudge him nothing. This is his blog btw, and last time I checked we can agree to disagree in this country.

  • parkbench

    Congratulations on being “Dixie Chicked,” Michael! Wear it as the badge of honor it is.

    I will be voting Obama tomorrow and, being in California, supporting Prop. 2 which, quoted from the Yes on 2 campaign, is “a modest measure that stops cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, ending the practice of cramming farm animals into cages so small the animals can’t even turn around, lie down or extend their limbs that will set standards for humane treatment of farm animals.”


  • b.barnett

    This is the most important election in over a century. I voted for Obama.

  • hannah friedman

    On this the eve of the election, I’d like to capture my thoughts before America either elects a president who its first 26 presidents could have legally owned, or brazenly subverts the very ideals it was founded upon by manipulating numbers in a final embarrassingly overt goosestep towards corporate totalitarianism.

    I am nervous. And not night-before-the-swim-test nervous or even night-you-lose-your-virginity nervous, it’s a low rumbling primal panic which I can only liken to Star Wars panic. Disney panic. The edge-of-your-seat-terror that makes you wonder if Skywalker’s doomed after he refuses to join Darth Vader and drops down into the abyss, if the wicked octopus or grand vizier or steroid-pumping-village-misogynist is going to wed/kill/skin the dashing prince and then evil people in dark funny costumes are going to take over the world… if it wasn’t a movie of course.

    And tonight it’s not. It’s not a movie and yet I feel like Obama might as well be wearing an American flag cape while a decaying McCain, in a high-tech robotic spider wheelchair wearing an eyepatch and stroking an evil cat, gives orders to a sexy scheming Palin who marches back and forth through their sub-terranian campaign lair in four inch thigh-highs and full-body black leather catsuit bossing around the evangelical ants with a loooooong whip… umm… is this just me?

    Anyway, the point is that things feel weird folks. I have friends who have peed in waterbottles to keep from interrupting a Halo-playing marathon who got off their asses/couches to volunteer for the Obama campaign not once, but many times. Friends so cheap their body content is at least 1/3 Ramen Noodle who donated a good deal of their hard-earned cash to the campaign. People have registered to vote in record numbers, and yet, something just doesn’t feel right. I think we should stop congratulating ourselves for just voting. To vote is a privilege which people have died for, and I think there’s a whole lot more to be done for the country than to simply help win an election every 4 years.

    Hundreds of millions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of man-hours spent on both sides by good-intentioned people who want to make a difference in an historic election, so many resources and voices and energies devoted to a single day. After tomorrow, half of that is going to have been a waste. And I can’t help but wonder what could have happened if all that muscle had been put towards something else, and what will happen to its momentum after the election has come and gone. Shouldn’t we be donating our money to good causes whenever we can? Helping people who don’t have? Dedicating some of our time to contribute to making the country which provides for us a better place? Of course a power shift is a hugely significant step on the path to great reform, but worrying about this election has been a wakeup call for me:

    Even if Obama wins, we have not “won.” This isn’t a movie and we can’t toss every greedy lobbyist oil fatcat bigot down a reactor shaft. I think if we dedicate ourselves to the ongoing welfare of the country as much as we have to the outcome of this election, we’ll have a much better shot at coming closer to the overwhelming good the liberals hope Obama will usher in, but which no mere mortal could fully realize alone.

    Which brings me to the other side. I’ve heard a lot of people claim that if McCain wins, they’re leaving. I heard the same thing about Bush’s reelection, and his unelection before that, and nobody seems to be leaving. And that’s fine. Because as much as I complain about certain political happenings, atrocities, etc., I really do like it here and I suspect most other people do too. We have New York and Hollywood, purple mountain’s majesty and sea to shining sea, we created jazz and country music and baseball and cars and lightbulbs and computers and that movie with hundreds of animated singing Chihuahuas! I mean who among the shivering Plymouth pilgrims ever imagined ordering hundreds of animated singing chihuahuas onto a magical box from an invisible information superweb?

    The point being, if things don’t turn out the way I want tomorrow, I feel compelled, as a college-graduated adultish-type-person, to take a stand. And if I’m going to leave I’m going to leave. But if I’m going to stay I’m not going to sit around whining like I have for the past 8 years. It’s like when I don’t clean my room because it’s dirty and then I blame the dirt. So in my very indecisive way, before you and your screen, I’m declaring my intention to make some kind of stand in the event of -(Ican’tevensayit)-, and encouraging you to consider making one too…

    Jump the ship or grab a bucket?
    Wasn’t everything so much easier back when the worst possible affront to your values was a PB&J sandwich cut diagonally with crust?

    Anyways, I guess what I’m saying is that if we’re going to stay on board, we should probably be generous with our time and resources when times are tough even more than when the hero saves the day. Because what if he doesn’t? And what if he can’t?

    Yours Nervously,
    Hannah Friedman

  • Mark

    Well, “I deleted your bookmark” and “FAIL” certainly are 21st-century parting shots. And yet…that’s not quite what I meant. I guess I’m saying: at least make your readership seem worth losing, you can do that, right?

  • Kirk

    I wonder how many people who objected to you stating your political position would have objected if you’d agree with them.

  • Laurence

    Please, to all you people running around with the Bill of Rights in your hand, screaming “First Amendment!”. You only show your abject ignorance. The First Amendment is about GOVERNMENT limiting speech, which is clearly not the case here. If you don’t know that basic fact, you don’t deserve to be taken seriously. You can express your opinion freely, but you diminish your credibility.

    Secondly, kudos to Michael. While I posted above that I don’t think this site is a place for politics, he has not deleted posts critical of him for doing so AFAIK. But the shrillness from both sides makes my case. Sad.

    Now go out and vote or your candidate, and whoever gets elected, let’s try and rally round behind him. This country has lots of problems that need solving.

  • David Dombroski

    Mr. Ruhlman:

    I am disappointed in seeing with a political endorsement on this website. “Notes from the Food World” is in the banner for this site and is the reason why I visit here.


  • Christa Glennie Seychew

    Food is a political issue, folks. Anyone who cares deeply about our national food system, food safety, food security for the poor, and the environment can tell you that the objectives of our nation’s next leader have tremendous impact on all of these issues. It would be foolish to think otherwise.

    So, while Michael may be “only” a blogging chef/food writer to some of you, he is also a man who cares tremendously about our food future in this country and is thus qualified and justified in airing his opinion regarding today’s election.

    What surprises (and worries) me is how many of you fail to see that.

  • Dot

    All I say is no matter how long the lines, the wait is worth it. I finally became an American citizen after 33 years in the US ( I was adopted ) After paying over $600.00, the wait for paper approval and the citizenship test I am more than proud that I can now vote…it’s a honored privilege that many take for granted.

  • Dave

    Michael’s site = Michael’s rules = Michael’s decision to do what he damn well pleases. I disagree with his choice, and will be voting for McCain, but should Obama win he will be my president and command from me the respect the office deserves.

  • Mary

    OH GAWD..There you go, ya have to inject politics in to a food blog. WHY? Why is it the celebrities and such have to do this? WHY? Why do we have to be subjected to politics ALL the time? I come to this site to learn about food, not your personal beliefs. Sorry Ruhlman…ya just lost a fan. See ya.

  • Dave

    Michael’s site = Michael’s rules = Michael’s decision to do what he damn well pleases. I disagree with his choice, and will be voting for McCain, but should Obama win he will be my president and command from me the respect the office deserves.

  • redredsteve


    Abstinence doesn’t work in America simply because it isn’t practiced. That’s why there are so many teen pregnancies, etc., which logically implies that abstinence WOULD work.

    Please don’t take offense of my reference to the statistic of women who get abortions having already had one or more in the past. I only pointed this out because you argued the classic rape and incest angle. If those were the only instances in which abortion was practiced then our conversation would be of a different nature (as I said before).

    The fact is that our society does not believe in a person being responsible for his or her actions. Sexual activity is rampant, so pregnancies are rampant, so legalized abortion is rampant. Pass out condoms in high schools because hell, they’re going to have sex anyways and they may as well not be held responsible for that. I disagree. I was a virgin (yes, by choice – go ahead and poke fun) when I got married at the age of 28. It certainly is possible and doable, although difficult and not popular. And don’t get me wrong, the solution won’t/can’t come from goverment, it has to come from family. But then we have our current, shattering divorce statistics, and so on and so forth.

    Now, about a fetus being a parasite: I understand what you’re saying. You don’t mean it in a derogative way and I get that part. However, by your reasoning, a new born baby would still be classified as non-human(parasitical). Babies rely on their mother/parent for survival in every way. They cannot perform a single action on their own and the effects of this are very taxing on that babies caretaker. I’m still failing to differentiate your classification… Are babies not human?

    Again, there are (what I would call) adults who also cannot survive of their own volition. Physical and mental incapacities cause them to rely on the care and expense of others. Now – are these also parasites to be considered non-human, who may be executed by those who care for them? Are we moving this discussion towards euthenasia?

  • redredsteve

    I disagree with you Ruhlman, but I am glad for this post (unlike what I said in my first response). It has started some great discussion between those who aren’t resorting to name calling, shutting down, or deleting bookmarks.

  • NObama

    Sorry Michael, what respect I had for you has just evaporated – much like my paycheck will with an Obama presidency. I could have lived with a Clinton presidency no problem – but Obama is such a far-left, America-hating Marxist – it is simply astounding to me that people are drinking the kool-aid.

    Can you say “Manchurian Candidate?”

    Was nice knowing you.

  • Cybil

    I have been on vacation and just now got a chance to catch up on all things Ruhlman. I was suprised to see the post about the election. I should qualify that and say happily surprised. My happiness is not only because I agree with Mr Ruhlman – but happy becuase he was willing to take a risk and happy that he keeps encouraging people to vote. He is not saying in his responses to comments – vote like me – but saying vote. Far too few of those eligible have in the past not exercised their voice. Hopefully with the 2008 election more people are choosing to exercise their voice. I applaud Mr Rulhman and his efforts to speak his mind on issues dear to my heart – both food and the direction of our country.

    I felt a great chill this morning as I voted – feeling that my vote may actually count this year and that I was doing something historic with my vote (Indiana is a toss-up state that hasn’t given a democrat an electoral college vote since the 60s.)

  • Frances

    Michael, I voted this morning. I’ve never been so excited about a candidate and about voting in my life. Having voted in every presidential election since 1980, I will be very happy if Virginia goes blue this time around.

    Rather than criticize you for stating your political POV, I want to thank you for giving us an opportunity to vent.

  • Jaxie Waxie Woo

    Joanie – I was referring to the McCain/Palin ticket’s lack of “quality of performance”.

    McCain’s voting record has him siding with Bush 90% of the time… NINETY PERCENT! Thanks, but no thanks to more of that “experience”.

  • Rebecca (Oh so hungry)

    Thank you, Michael for standing up to be counted.

    Claudia, I did, I did. And I have never been so proud to vote.

    Kate in the NW, what can I say, except ditto and you rock in my world.

  • latenac

    “Babies rely on their mother/parent for survival in every way. They cannot perform a single action on their own and the effects of this are very taxing on that babies caretaker. I’m still failing to differentiate your classification… Are babies not human?”

    There’s a big difference.

    Parasite: An organism that lives in or on and takes its nourishment from another organism.

    Despite a baby needing help, it doesn’t fit the definition of a parasite. A baby doesn’t have to rely on an actual parent or mother for survival it just needs someone who will take care of it and feed it, etc. A fetus however does fit the definition. It needs the uterus inside the mother in order to survive. There’s a difference between being a parent and hosting a parasite. Also being a parasite doesn’t preclude one from being human.

  • Katy Kafantaris

    Bravo Michael!.. Jimmy and I voted for Obama yesterday (early voting–that was the way to go this year with all the lines!)’s nice to see all the excitement about the election here in Cleveland and so many people out there voting! Let’s hope we get a win and it’s a fair one—-these last 8 years have been hell in my opinion >:O..change is GOOD! 🙂
    -Katy K.

  • DeFlater Mouse

    Wow, you should really stick to commentary on food and leave the politics aside. How can an educated person like yourself really support a tax and spend socialist like Obama, who pals around with domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers and wackos like Jeremiah Wright?? Are you serious????

  • sarah

    Voted in Chicago this morning when the polls opened. As you can imagine there is quite a bit of excitement and fervor in Chi Town today! I have never seen so many people out to vote at 6 am. It really shows that many people are hungry for change in this country. Very exciting! Go Barack!

    Obama Mama

  • milo

    “how can there be quality of performance when there has been so little TIME gaining experience?”

    To get back to the topic of this blog, can’t the same question be asked of an amazing younger chef and a mediocre older one?

    I don’t get the assumption that age/experience is automatically a guarantee of better performance.

    “Makes sense, an amateur, flunkie “food writer” and “chef” smuggles his way in to the American consciousness on the coat-tails of Bourdain and then supports a Marxist who is sneaking into the White House as a vehicle for change.”

    This election season, it has become really hard to tell which posts are serious and which are satire. Perfect example.

    “At least you’re not filtering anti-Obama comments like Shuna at eggbeater. Apparently she doesn’t believe in free speech, just freedom of gay marriage.”

    “Free speech” is a government issue – on a private website or blog the owner can do what they want, which includes removing responses that they don’t want there for whatever reason.

    Here things have been pretty civil, but I have seen some horrible things posted on some sites, not to mention lots of spamming. I can’t say I really blame mods for removing the worst posts, especially when ones that are disagreeing but civil are left.

  • Nick

    Thought I would add my 2 cents to the mix.

    Michael, I think you have every right to voice your opinion on politics. I love your view on food, but ultimately this is YOUR website and your forum. Post whatever you like. I would say this regardless of my personal political affiliation.

    Much like I’m curious to know what kind of food Obama eats, I’m curious to know how you feel about certain major social issues and I would consider this a major social issue.


  • Bummie Obama's angel

    HI HATERS!!!!
    wait a min…were you forced to visit this page? no right?
    so if you’re not happy with “PRESIDENT OBAMA” then leave!
    He’s an intelligent man with a good heart and that’s why he got my vote this morning. hahaha
    BYE HATERS!!!!

  • faustianbargain

    redredsteve: i have heard many anti-pro-choice arguments before and i have seldom been able to convince a non-believer to see where i come from…it is a frustrating exercise in futility.

    perhaps, one day, you’ll see where the other side comes from and why we are fighting for *personal* freedoms. or maybe, you wont. regardless, i am bowing out of this discussion.

    that’s all.

  • brandon_w

    Wow, you should really stick to commentary on food and leave the politics aside. How can an educated person like yourself really support a tax and spend socialist like Obama, who pals around with domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers and wackos like Jeremiah Wright?? Are you serious????

    Posted by: DeFlater Mouse | November 04, 2008 at 11:24 AM


    Wow. Listen to Rush a little more.

    I’d comment on more, but the right wing tools just make my brain hurt.

  • Stephen Green

    Not that I think the outcome of the election is much in doubt, but I come to sites like yours because I’m tired of politics and would like to read about my other great love — food.

    Please, Michael, leave the politics aside here.

  • Kansas City rube

    This discussion has left me speechless. I am without speech.

    So much bitterness. So disappointing.

    Love the blog, Ruhlman. You’re a good man.

  • Christine in the 'Nati


    Bravo for taking a stand and sticking with it, despite the haters–and that’s what it is…hate. The level of discourse in this thread is, frankly, disappointing. People are seriously going to “unbookmark” this page because a political opinion has been rendered? Guess what? People–all people–are multi-dimensional, and have varied interests. So this blog is predominantly about food. Does that mean NOTHING else is fair to post about? This is, based on my following, not the first time Ruhlman has dared to post about something other than food.

    If this were a dispute about an opinion/issue in food, I have no doubt the conversation (for the most part) would be spirited, educational, enlightening, and civilized. Why, then, can the same courtesy not be extended here? Ruhlman has his opinion, I have mine, and you have yours. Don’t like what you read? Fine. But why all the hate?

    This is, personally, why I’m thrilled it’s election day, and this will all be over soon. Maybe then people will collect their manners and sensibilities, and realize that a difference of opinion is no reason for name-calling and vitriol.


  • Clifford


    It doesn’t bother me that you vote for who you think would do the best job. But uninformed irks me to no end.

    Presidents can only do what Congress tells them to do. It’s in the constitution.

    If our budget deficit is out of control, Congress passes the budget. Democrats and Republicans.

    If Iraq is a mess, Congress approved our war. Democrats and Republicans.

    While your candidate may not raise taxes for a majority of us, which I don’t believe, he will definitely raise your taxes Ruhlman.

    Of course what is amazing is Politicians always break their promises. That’s why they are politicians. What makes you think any of them are going to keep their promises?

    Take care. Time to bid you adieu.

  • Chris Walker Versus


    While I’m obviously not bothered by your Obama endorsement I really wish you would have said something about California’s Proposition 2, as I’m sure you have a ton of California readers. I think that initiative is just as important as the presidential election.

    In retrospect, I should’ve said something sooner. Oh well. Hopefully enough people in California decide to do the right thing.

  • faustianbargain

    and i’d like to know why you wont run blog ads for prop 2 when your side bar thinks that your readers need to know that ‘voting yes on prop 8 will save traditional marriage.

    prop 8 is for california. when you get your butt down to my beautiful city by the bay, you can tell some of its gorgeous gay citizens why they dont deserve respect and also explain to them how they are ‘destroying traditional marriage’ by getting marriage.

    are you aware that your side bar runs ‘yes on prop 8′? why do you care if gay people in california want to get married? writing a blog entry on national elections is one thing and running ads about another state’s affairs is totally different.

    altho’ you can clear all this by stating that you dont support gay marriage and stick it on your lawn. the suspense is killing me.

  • DeFlater Mouse

    Wow, you should really stick to commentary on food and leave the politics aside. How can an educated person like yourself really support a tax and spend socialist like Obama, who pals around with domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers and wackos like Jeremiah Wright?? Are you serious????

    Posted by: DeFlater Mouse | November 04, 2008 at 11:24 AM


    Wow. Listen to Rush a little more.

    I’d comment on more, but the right wing tools just make my brain hurt.

    Posted by: brandon_w | November 04, 2008 at 01:40 PM

    * * * *

    1. I don’t listen to Rush at all.

    2. Just to clarify, you didn’t really comment at all, and you certainly did nothing to refute my initial comment. Plaese, please, please explain to me how the company Obama keeps does not matter or how Ayers and Wright are really good people at heart.

  • YOD

    Thanks Ruhlman! I agree with what many have said–your blog…your rules. I actually stopped reading all the comments about a third of the way down. The name calling and insults got old quick. With that, I bid you adieu as I am off to my polling place! May the best man, woman and issue win today. God bless America!

  • redredsteve


    “A baby doesn’t have to rely on an actual parent or mother for survival it just needs someone who will take care of it and feed it, etc.” So it’s WHO the baby relies on? Not the fact THAT it relies on another?

    “Parasite: An organism that lives in or on and takes its nourishment from another organism.” What if the definition read: an organism that takes its nourishment from another organism? Wouldn’t it then also accurately describe babies as well. So, “in or on” is the differentiating part, which describes location. Is that right?

    So now we have WHO is caring for and WHERE the caring is being given defining a fetus as a parasite. These are exterior circumstances beyond the inherent nature and dependencies of the fetus, which again, are the same as a babies.

    “Also being a parasite doesn’t preclude one from being human.” Correlation doesn’t prove causation. The fact that a fetus and other parasitical organisms share characteristics does not, in my opinion, conclude that a fetus IS a parasite. We might be debating from the same side of the fence, but I think these are important distinctions.


    My point isn’t to sway your opinion and I hope yours isn’t to sway mine, we both know that likely won’t happen. But that isn’t why I debate. Discussion and debate are healthy. They help us understand what we believe and WHY we believe it. We learn from talking about our differences (views, beliefs, experiences, etc.) This was my only aim and I’m sorry if I offended you. I ask a lot of questions about what people believe, why they believe it, and then I try to apply my own perspective. It is a rough subject, though, so it’s all good. I’ll quit hounding you. 🙂

  • faustianbargain

    redredsteve: i am not offended. i just find it tiresome because i want to know how my support for terminating unwanted pregnancies by the person who is carrying the baby has anything to do with you or anyone else.

    it baffles me. you wont be taking care of my kid or contribute free babysitting, pay for school and all that. but still there are people out there who think that a woman…a faceless nameless one at that..a complete stranger, as it were..should lose her rights over her own body. i dont get it. i just dont. abortions are not inflicted upon anyone..this isnt red china. anti prochoice folks want to hijack other people’s reproductive rights. big difference there.

    once again, i am not offended..just sad. i also wish people were more compassionate towards sentient animals that live, feel and breathe rather than parasitic fetuses. i also am devastated that a civilised country wants to fry its prisoners, but i find that the passion to go pro-life there is severely lacking.

  • JFitzhugh

    This country cannot afford MORE socialism. A vote for Obama is a vote to further erode our individual liberties and empower the government. STICK TO FOOD!

  • adkim

    higer corporate tax rates will kill the economy. companies will cut jobs, consumer spending drops, prices inflate, panic erupts. taxing (punishing) oil companies even more = less R + D, higer gas prices, which hurts the lower and middle class even more, and has a trickle down effect–higer transport fees, higer food costs, etc. and lets not forget what the price of high oil can do to the airline industry…higer taxes = lose, lose

  • milo

    “he will definitely raise your taxes Ruhlman.”

    How do you know how much Ruhlman makes?

    “please, please explain to me how the company Obama keeps does not matter”

    Sure. I don’t consider attending a meeting with someone to get specific business done “palling around”. And I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone on a comment their preacher makes. If we’re going to get into guilt by association, nobody would pass that test.

    As for the abortion issue, it mainly comes down to a disagreement about whether or not being a person starts at conception. Most people seem to agree that a fetus at 8.5 months is a baby – the other end is the tricky part, whether an embryo after one day with twenty cells is considered a baby, and if not at what point does that happen. There’s even debate about if it’s ethical to dispose of unused frozen embryos or use them for research, whether that is “abortion”.

    “A vote for Obama is a vote to further erode our individual liberties and empower the government.”

    You do realize that things like the patriot act over the last eight years have been the biggest erosion of individual liberties this country has seen in a long time, right? And that things like making abortion and gay marriage illegal are also erosions of individual liberties?

  • milo

    “higer corporate tax rates will kill the economy.”

    If that were true, why did the economy do so much better under Clinton (the same slightly higher top rate that Obama is proposing) than under Bush? We just saw eight years of “trickle down” completely failing to work. And quit ignoring that Obama is proposing lowering taxes on the middle class, which will hopefully increase consumer spending (and help those companies make more profits and employ more people).

  • JBL

    “How do you know how much Ruhlman makes?”

    Dude– have you even SEEN his kitchen at Marble counters? Viking Range? You KNOW he’s got a SubZero! 😉

  • dave_c

    Wow! Obama gets the “socialist” tag while McCain wants to buy distressed mortgages (with government money) to help refi homes.

    Who pays for it?

    The people that planned, saved and bought what they could afford.

    Why does McCain/Palin wants to reward the stupid while punishing the thoughtful?

    Isn’t this the ultimate redistribution of wealth?

    Another confusing point is the haters/Republicans are so adamant about you keeping your opinions to yourself.

    I guess the US Constitution and your freedom to post you opinion on YOUR blog just isn’t acceptable when Republican haters don’t agree with you… And the haters claim OBama is a Socialist and anti-American????

  • milo

    “Marble counters? Viking Range? You KNOW he’s got a SubZero! ;-)”

    Yeah, and since he can justify those all as business expenses, he can deduct them all.

    No question he’s doing well, but you really KNOW he’s making more than 250k AFTER all deductions? Seems pretty presumptuous to me.