OK, it's early, my mind is fogged, can this be true?  We've followed the blogs that have lead to book contracts. Julie/Julia, of course, not to mention the movieAdam Roberts came through with an excellent bookOrangette has chronicled the progress of hers, just out!, not to mention her flourishing freelance career.  All of these folks worthy of the task of publishing in the hardcover world. But this?  A blog leading not to more writing work but to being tossed into the chasm of what she was writing about from the safety of blog and home, a nightmare come true?  Start a blog and get thrown/dared/fuck-you'd onto the line of one of the most coveted positions in professional cooking? Given the nature of the chef and his anything goes approach to life and general unpredictability, combined with the quality of everything he's set his hand to—who knows?! I still can't believe it. I haven't been in touch since the Marco White business last fall. Carol, are these what your coy remarks were about?  Someone in Chicago, Monica, Marc, Nagrant, Chicago Reader, please check this out.  This could be a first.  If she's holding her own on the line, I'll eat my calcium chloride and sodium alginate. Or are those passe by now?!  (What are the new self-encapsulaters?!)  This is just too much.  Alinea NOT at home.


29 Wonderful responses to “A First?!!!”

  • James S Miscedra

    an April 1st. It is early, but the duct tape woke me up.

  • Boonie

    This is great. I’m glad Grant doesn’t take himself so serious and doesn’t think making fun of himself is beyond him. Duct tape?!?! HA!!

  • brandon_w

    It would be great if that video would play on my work computer. Guess I will have to wait until I get home for the joke.

  • chad

    The duct tape was the kicker… gives me an idea though… edible duct tape. Call it ‘duck tape’ and wrap it around duck. I’m going to try that for this Friday.
    So, Michael… were you duped or were you in on it?

  • Rhonda

    She got me. Mostly because I wanted it to be true.

    We should gather and plan a massive retaliation for next year. This is two years in a row.

  • Vivian

    Given todays date I’d hardly take it seriously. It is pretty cool though rather elaborate.

  • carri

    Carol does have, like, a really great sense of humor, but, like, she really says ‘really’ and ‘like’ ALOT! …and dude, you better be in the lookout today, you are, like, really ripe for the pickin’!

  • Kate in the NW

    well jeez, people…don’t we ALL use duct tape in the kitchen????

  • Anders

    Ok, so now I have to go the april fools route on the new saute guy I’m training today. What can I do with a smoke gun, duct tape, and a probe?…

  • Kate in the NW

    um…please…no one answer that those last two questions… 😉

  • JoP in Omaha

    The vid won’t play for me, darn. But I’m wondering–is this really an April Fool’s joke or…is the joke gonna be on us in the end? Maybe there is SOME truth to the tale? Who knows?

  • Rhonda

    Kate in the NW:

    Of course we all have duct tape in the kitchen. How could you ever truss a chicken without it? Duh. 🙂

  • Kate in the NW

    Oh, it’s for the CHICKEN…I’ll call my husband and apologize…

  • Rhonda

    Kate in the NW:

    No need, it works on husbands too… Okay, I’ve said too much.

  • Hunter

    I’m going to start my Michel Bras at Home blog, my Arzak at home blog, and my Le Bernadin at home blog and hope one of them calls.

  • Victoria

    You must have been in on this. I fell for it for most of the day and then realized the date!

    First clue should have been she didn’t button up her chef coat.

  • Angry Brit

    LOL. When it posted, I started to write a congratulatory comment on her site. Then something made me pause and look at the date. Great joke, though.