I'm planning some design changes to this site and am dropping the book events since I only have them when a book comes out, at which point I'll just post.  Publisher is not sending me on the traditional dog-and-pony show around the country for this one (sorry but thank you for all the requests, nonetheless!).  I will, however, be in NYC next week:

On Wednesday, 4/15, at the Institute of Culinary Education, speaking about writing and food and cooking, my three favorite subjects.

On Thursday, 4/16, I'll be on the CBS Early Show—baking, of all things!  Is that scary?  Or is it … the power of RATIOS!!!

On Thursday, 4/16, I'll be speaking at the Experimental Cuisine Collective at NYU about the lasting impact of the new new cuisine (because it's going to have one, no matter what Diet Coke makes Colicchio say).


19 Wonderful responses to “NYC Events”

  • Edward in Alabama

    You’re, of course, right. It already has had a lasting impact — but to what end? And new new cuisine can be defined in so many ways. I am fully aware that cooking is science but I don’t want my food to look like a science fair project. And no foams.

    Will your NYU comments be synopsized on the blog?

  • Vivian

    I wish I could be at the NYU event. It would be nice if you could video and post a link to it here.

  • amber

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m bummed there is no dog and pony show this time around. I was really hoping you’d stop by LA so those of us not living in NY could hear you speak. 🙁

  • carri

    I recieved my copy of ‘Ratio’ today…everyone at the bakery is very excited about it! (the line for reading it forms behind ME!) Have fun baking on TV! You’ll be great!

  • Eric Van de Velde

    About the new cuisine… I just finished reading the Alinea cookbook, cover to cover. (I took a couple of months.) So, the recipes are challenging, interesting, innovative, but are they good? There is a whole lot of effort in the presentation, but the components are, for the most part, rather mundane, except for the various gelatine-like substances. I still intend to go to Alinea next time I am in Chicago, but I am prepared to be disappointed. I am really wondering whether the clothes have any emperor…

  • ruhlman

    carri, let me know how you like it. it think it’s going to be most useful to pros in terms of improvising.

    eric, yes the food and the experience can be very very good. try it yourself.

  • lux

    “Ratio” arrived chez Lux — thanks so much Ruhlman! Bummed you won’t be in the Bay Area though.

  • Sam

    Just got my signed copy of Ratio! I cant wait to dig in… probably will try bread first.

  • Marlene

    Sam, if you try the bread first, do try the Dutch oven method. It will blow you away, it is so good!

  • JimD

    Just wanted to say I am enjoying the new book. Being a chef who is not a baker I am really excited to start baking again. Ratios is a wonderful book – thank you

  • luis

    Ratios should arrive tommorrow. Can’t wait to read it.

    About the new cuisine… it takes a modest investment in a suitable immersion blender for the home cook and trial an error which is adversely compounded by the problem that we don’t know which dishes will be worth the effort to prepare this way.
    In any case it will NOT! superseed existing traditional cooking styles. It is a healthy, natural and nutritious style of cooking at the lowest heat transfer end of the cooking spectrum.
    This makes it a worthwhile cuisine style to understand and maybe practice ocassionally.

  • JBL

    “But: for those who are strapped right now, as I know so many are, we will eventually offer a PDF if you simply want the info and are fine with a copy from of your printer.”

    You, my good sir, are a very cool guy.

  • Sam

    Marlene and Michael: good call!! I am now eating some bread still warm from the oven… this is the life!

  • Claudia (the Original)

    You’re BAKING on CBS? Oh, why not? (!) Gotta watch!

  • Pockets

    I wish I would have read this earlier and known you were in New York. I go to a ‘healthy’ alternative sort of culinary school, and the Chefs recommend your books (even though I already own a copy of The Elements of Cooking that you signed for me last year in San Francisco, and thank you) and are typically culinary traditionalists, which is a boon for me but a shock for the class vegans. It’s a wonderful balance, in my opinion. Tonight the ‘underground raw milk club’ is there making deliveries. It’s an interesting place. You should take a tour and do some critiquing, just for fun. Maybe next time?