Ratio chart We must now stop accepting orders for the doughs and batters ratios chart.  All orders received up to this point will be filled, any subsequent orders will be refunded. Thanks for the enthusiastic response to it. I'm making some changes to this site, including the addition of a high resolution PDF of the chart.  Perhaps one day, we'll put together charts for all the ratio sections.  But for now, it's time to get back to work.

One last note on all this. The new book is entirely my own creation, but it was not created in a vacuum.  In addition to two chefs who looked over drafts of the manuscript and made valuable comments, Dave Cruz, chef de cuisine at Ad Hoc, and Cory Barrett, pastry wizard at Lola, three other individuals were invaluable. Michael Pardus, my skills chef at the CIA a dozen years ago, was always available for discussion and advice; I leaned on him often.  Bob del Grosso, aka The Hunger Artist, read and commented on the the first and second drafts of the manuscript and was enormously helpful from both food science and literary vantage points. And last, Marlene Newell, an Ontario-based self-taught cook and the creator and manager of the cooking forum Cook's Korner, ran, managed, and kept track of all the testing of the recipes; Marlene was invaluable, I'm grateful to her, to the testers she marshaled and for her excellent site.

16 Wonderful responses to “Ratio Chart”

  • Kevin Shinn

    Michael, I may never be in your neck of the woods for a book signing, but would it be out of bounds if i send you a copy of Ratio with a SASE, could you sign it for me and send it back? I really appreciate your work.

    kevin shinn

  • Clara

    It’s an outstanding book and I’m so grateful to you for writing it. I’m so in love with that 3-2-1 pie dough that I plan on making yet another pie this weekend – perhaps cherry. My cholesterol thanks you!

  • Marlene

    Aw shucks. Let me say it again. It was a privilege and an honour be able to help with this.

    I had a tremendous amount of fun, and I learned a lot in the process.

    Thanks Michael.

  • Rhonda

    Thank you, Marlene, for sharing your testing experience with us all.

    And thank you for fighting the good fight during “Battle Creme Anglaise”.

  • Dana N.

    As one of the testers, I will agree with Marlene. This was some of the most fun I’ve had in the kitchen.

  • mirinblue

    The chart is a gorgeous thing. Mine is framed and up. Kudos to Donna’s fab photos!

    “Yes, ratios can liberate home cooks, as Ruhlman wrote. But only those who were free spirits to begin with.”

    I say “Rock ON free cooking spirits!”

  • Vivian

    This book has already proven to be such an invaluable tool in my kitchen. My thanks goes out to you and all who aided you in its creation.

  • three rivers food

    Just got it on my Kindle yesterday. Looks great.

  • luis

    Was in Walmart this morning and I happen to find the perfect frame for this chart. Its made of wood and stained in dark walnut with a glass face and a stiff back. If you think the chart looks good as is…. You should see it signed and framed.
    Going over a spanish book of the nuns… “Los Dulces de las Monjas”. The pastries of the nuns… in its tenth printing and in spanish. All I can think of is finding their basic ratios and comparing them to Rhulman’s…fun.

  • Rachel

    Thank you so much for the PDF ratio chart! I am going to tack it up on the inside of one of my kitchen cabinets for handy reference and inspiration.
    One comment, though: I would shrink the margins and the photos and increase the font size (especially of the notes)to make it easier to read and allow for quick glances up from the mixing bowl. Thanks again. I am excited to read Ratio.

  • Penny Bond

    My grandmother, who taught me to cook worked on the concept of basic ratios, but I’ve never managed to find them so clearly listed until now. Thank you! Are these on your sheet generally by weight or volume? (OK .. I’ll go and do my homework and work it out myself…)

  • Angela Lin

    Hi! I’m really enjoying your blog. I was wondering if you ever posted the PDF of the ratio chart? I’ve been hunting around your site for it, but can’t seem to find the High Res one. Thanks SO MUCH!

  • Geoff

    Chef, still plans to post this as a high res pdf? That would be welcomed.

    Best, Geoff