SOS_verticalA week ago, I announced a giveaway to help raise money for Share Our Strength.  This is another reminder to donate to this great hunger-fighting organization (and maybe win my favorite scale and a signed copy if Ratio).  Here’s the page to donate and on April 30, I’ll select 3 random winners.

As some know, I was in New York to speak to a couple of groups and to perform the unlikely feat of mixing one bread dough, two savory quickbreads, and one shortbread-style cookie, in four minutes, explain the idea of the book, and make engaging repartee with Harry and Maggie.  (Video here, at least I didn’t embarrass myself—or if I did, please don't say so.)

But I want to mention the culinary highlight: by far, far, it was the pâté selection at Bar Boulud.  While they served a large charcuterie platter with ham and dried sausage and a lovely array of condiments, it was the pâté that stole the tray.  Guinea hen, rabbit, beef cheek, a pate grandmere with just the right amount of liver, pâté en croute with foie gras and perfect head cheese.  It truly showed the elegance of the craft of the pâté.  Very impressive.  You want to see why the pâté is such a special creation?  Bar Boulud.  I’ve never had better.  Also had a delicious steak tartare at BLT Market (warning, both restaurant links have loud music–why do they do this? I just want info on the restaurant, not theme music) with a little paper cone stuck into the raw chopped beef holding a quail egg shell containing a yolk, nice touch—but then I’m a fan of yolks, as readers and commenters of and on the previous post know!

Help fight hunger.  Go to SOS.


8 Wonderful responses to “SOS reminder and NYC Highlight”

  • Natalie Sztern

    Well I thought you were dynamite on the early show…especially because you didn’t let the idiots frazzle you (why do intelligent people think it is funny to feign ignorance?)

    I agree wholeheartedly with web page music…and Bar Boulud should wish you were the NY Times restaurant critic…LOL

  • Vivian

    Great job on the show. I would have been frazzled to the core, but you remained cool.

    What a great cause this is. Definitely will support, just waiting for payday Friday.

  • Wilma de Soto

    True. You were great on that show. People actually learned something in spite of the hosts.

    BTW, did the hosts inhale from a tremendous bong before that segment? Sheesh!

    Made a donation. A great cause. Hope I win the book.


  • Mrs. T.

    TV clip was good, I’m sure its not easy to get so much info in so little time, it was done well. Regarding Bar Boulud, couldn’t agree more about the pâté,they are so flavorful and tender, perfectly cooked, not over-gelatinized.
    And SOS cause is really admirable, happy to donate and hope you get a lot of donations!

  • carri

    You did a great job with what you were given, which was poorly informed hosts and an impossibly short amount of time, given the subject matter…I especially love the part when the guy host goes BACK to the chalkboard and points out the ratios again like he knew it all along! I’m glad there was a treat like Bar Boulud in there for you somewhere! Go SOS!

  • craigkite

    One quail egg yolk to a serving of tartare? Isn’t that excessive? I find that a Hummingbird yolk is a more CONTEMPORARY ratio. Your proportions may work for students of Audobon and other “old school” tastes, but it is considered a bit heavy in today’s kitchens. Please get it right, Michael, this stuff is important!

  • ruhlman

    craigkite, good to start monday off with a laugh. thx

    and thanks all to those who didn’t think I came off as an idiot on CBS. and in defense off morning early show hosts–it’s atough act. they’ve got to be able to interview the president and also engage with someone making a bacon and onion quickbread. not an easy balance.

  • Cameron S.

    I thought the hosts were fine – they seemed to be enjoying themselves.