SOS_vertical Thank you all who helped to raise more than $5000 for the hunger relief organization. I'm truly grateful and Jeff Weidner at Share Our Strength is as well.

Thanks to twitter, three of the doners were chosen to win a My Weigh KD-8000 Scale (everyone should have a kitchen scale!), a copy of Ratio, and a copy of the new edition of A Return to Cooking.

The winners are Martha Grondin, of Newport News, VA, Scott Johnston, of Vienna, VA, and Angela Brassinga, of Rewdood City, CA.  One of them emailed me to say that you would be making a second donation equal in value to the scale, books and postage–wow, that is the spirit!

Again, many many thanks to my readers who have helped to ease hunger in our bountiful country. Continue to watch for SOS dinners in your city.

And never stop cooking!


7 Wonderful responses to “$5000+ for Share Our Strength!”

  • Vivian

    It is so awesome that you were able to raise that much money! What a great way to support such a worthy cause.

  • Scotty j

    Thanks Again Michael! BTW the last name is JOHNSTON. My Scottish roots thank you for remembering that we needed to add a cross(the “T”) in our name to purify our line(mispell a second time and I will have to throw a steaming haggis at you!) 🙂

  • Angela

    Hate to tell you but name has been misspelled too. It’s Angela Brassinga (no e in the last name) and I live in REDWOOD City. As long as my delightful goodies make it here I’ll be happy. Thanks again and congratulations on a successful fundraiser! Angela

  • kristin

    Great interview on Splendid Table Michael. I heard it via podcast Saturday. Going to have to put some money aside for the new book.

  • ntsc

    Scott Johnston.

    Had exactly the same problem all my life, people leave out the ‘t’. I tend to get downright nasty the second time.

    Heard of tossing the caber, but never the haggis.

    I’ve a brother named Scott as well.