I've done almost no book signings for Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking.  None, now that I think about it.  And yet it's had a more successful launch than any book I've ever written. It is a new world.  But I am doing a single signing not far from my home at Joseph Beth Booksellers at Legacy Village tomorrow at 7 pm.  I'll talk about ratios and cooking, about not fearing death, about Bourdain, about TV food, about Soulcraft (see below post), and anything else anyone wants to talk about. Hope Clevelanders will come out and join me and support your local brick and mortar bookstore!

Last time I did this, seven people showed up, so please, tell friends, family, cooks, neighbors, strangers, anyone at all who might be interested. 

Actually, the time seven people showed up, we left the rows of empty folding chairs and podium and retired to the bar where I bought everyone a drink and it turned out to be one of the most pleasant book signings I'd ever done! Hmmm…


33 Wonderful responses to “Cleveland Book Signing Thurs 5/28”

  • Phil

    Seven people? Wow, sounds like a Bourdain book signing. 😉

    If you ever make it out here to the LA/OC area, we’ll drum up far higher numbers for you.

    PS: Digging the book.

  • Angela

    Booze and book signing, a great combination. You may be onto something.

  • chris brandow

    we have increasingly good beer in Pasadena, I mean it’s not PORTLAND, but I would be thrilled for you to come out and have beer with your fans!

  • Tamara Mitchell

    I’ll try and be there. Especially if you’re buying drinks. I was suffering from the effects of Holiday Inn food in Charleston and missed getting to throw back a few with you there.

  • Tim Boyer

    Talked me into it. My son lives across the street from Legacy.

  • Carrie

    Boo! I live way too far away to make this. Any interest in a book signing in BFE NC? LOL

    I’m reading The Making of a Chef today. I got it in the mail this afternoon and am already halfway through it – great book!

  • Michael Franco

    Congratulations on Ratio’s success, Michael. I am not at all surprised. It is a useful tool.

    The book signing offers you the opportunity to connect with local people. Perhaps you underestimate what you have come to mean to us.

    Continued success. I thank you for teaching and writing.

  • Trish

    I love this book – come to the Philadelphia area and I’ll bring lots of friends.

  • Malcolm

    Wish I could be there but I am half way around the world.

  • limoncello

    Whaaa…wish I could be there!
    You should come out to SF for a signing at Omnivore Books on Food. A shop of nuthin’ but cookbooks! And right across the street from Cosentino’s place!

  • Michael Booth

    Whoa there! Michael, you are setting a dangerous precedent with this free drinks at books signings business. I don’t knwo about you, but my advances just about cover my bus fare there…

  • mel

    hey– i just listened to you on adam’s blog radio show. wanted to tell you that being able to hear you and read you directly via all the new media is great. it makes me feel like i really know you as a person, and fills in the space between books. it deepens my understanding of your writing as i learn small details about you and your life. it is truly a unique ‘relationship’ if you can call it that. as a reader, i really appreciate it. thank you for doing it.

  • ruhlman

    mel, i think you’ve isolated the appeal both for me and for readers of the new media. it really does enhance the experience of reading (and my writing!)

  • Charles Corlett

    Michael – love your blog. 1st time comment. Thanks to Ratio my wife is ready to kill me. I fried the Kitchenaid stand mixer (a poor 325 watts one – a number that meant nothing to me at the time) making 1000 grams of flour batch of bread dough. Your advice in Ratio is to crank that bad boy up to medium for 10 minutes! I don’t read instruction manuals like the kitchenaid one that says not to go over 1 when making yeast doughs and pay attention to “flour power”. Unintended teaching of your book – I now know more about stand mixers and am more apt to read appliance instructions in the future (or kneed by hand). Any advice from anyone on a good stand mixer for bread? And I suppose I have to replace the old one so my wife can make cookies and cake for the kids (probably good idea to have a separate one – prolong the marriage…). So thanks a lot Ruhlman – the bread was good though; brought it as a gift along with a bottle of wine for a dinner party and everyone was might impressed. I explained how easy it was so there will probably be more fried crappy mixers in Toronto very soon…

  • luis

    Way to go Charles….
    My kitchen Aid works just fine for a four qt machine. big powerful motor too. I never go over 4 cups of flour or 500g. Or a 5/3 of 500 g flour and 300 g water.
    The powerful motor is also useful with the attachments. I grind meats and make pasta and sausages. It’s not cheap but a real workhorse of a machine. Had it since 2003.

  • ruhlman

    charles, maybe i should say medium speed! i always finish kneading by hand because i like it.

  • Melissa

    The plan is set and I will be there! Have been meaning to get a copy of the new book and now I can get one signed too!!

  • carri

    I’ve had the same Kitchenaid for 16 years…and believe me, I’ve done ALOT of baking with it and it’s still going strong! The problem with mixing dough in one is that you can easily overknead the dough (yes, ’tis possible!) I like to do what Michael does, start it in the mixer and finish by hand…kneading is the best part!

  • Tzerris

    Just checked you out on Amazon. 19 with a bullet. Except for Pollan I wouldn’t read anyone above you if they were given to me. Biggest Loser Diet? Come on. I need a new copy of Ratio already. Mine has a little bit of every thing I’ve cooked so far on it. Looks bad. Smells good.If I were 2200 miles closer I’d be there.

  • Ted Allen

    Michael, that is the best advice to an author I have ever seen. I, too, have had a signing attended by seven people (or maybe it was three; do store employees count?) and did not have the presence of mind to repair to a tavern. Next time, definitely….

  • Carol A.

    First time commenting here. Love your blog. If your publisher decides to send you to Barnes and Noble in Dearborn Michigan, I’ll be in line for ‘Ratio’.

    Charles: Maybe the Kitchen Aid 600 Pro would be better for making large batches of bread. Specs say it can handle up to 18 cups of flour.

  • Barb

    Sure would be nice to have another book signing – one in Cleveland doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I only found out about the book-signing on Wed. and wasn’t able to change my plans and I’m sure I’m not alone.

  • Lisa

    The book signing in Cleveland was great! Sadly, there are a lot of authors these days that show up and sign, they don’t really want to talk about their work. So while there were no chairs for us (and there were far more than 7 people!), we did at least get to hear someone who was really enthusiastic about their work!

  • Jason L. Cheung

    We’d LOOOOOOOVE to see you in Seattle. Seriously. You Rock.

  • paris221966

    Wow, you must be a very nice writer. When I attended an Anthony Bourdain book signing, he didn’t buy anyone a drink.

  • bonnibella

    Ruhlman, I am so sorry I missed this. I was in Tucson that week. Just saw a mini-story about the Velvet Tango Room in the Plain Dealer the other day and thought of you.