Blog banner_3 I'm excited to announce that my wife, Donna, has put together a site
to display her work, Donna began her
professional life as a newspaper and magazine photographer who loved to
do fine art photography on the side. I've asked her to put both skill
sets—editorial and art—to work in the service of food and cooking. 
Donna is neither cook (though she's able) nor foodie, but she's DTR portraitbeen successful, IMHO, in large part perhaps because she isn't a cook or
food obsessed. I'm sure there will always be room for food porn,
finished studio dishes that have been heavily worked over by chef and stylist to look glisteningly
just, so.  But what she and I find most interesting is the way food
really looks when your cooking it at home, or ought to. This is the
kind of photography that I believe is most useful to people who
cook.  Images that are both compelling to look at and that also convey
information.  These shots of pate a choux
are a great example of both artfulness and utility.  When these two
qualities combine they do the most important thing media can do in the
mind of those who want to cook: they inspire.  Many people were
inspired to make popovers when they saw this post.  It wasn't because of my uncommon eloquence with words (much as I wish it had been); it was because of the photograph.

Again, the best food photography inspires.

So many commenters here have been so generous in their praise of
Donna's work that she's decided to put up a blog of her own,
specifically to connect with readers interested in photography and to
comment on how particular images were done. She can't promise she'll always discuss
an image, but she'll do her best.  Click on the "Photo Info" in the
banner menu above or go here.

About it's still not complete—Donna has
more images to upload and tag—but it's a good start.  She's including
four different "galleries," but she would like people to know that
she's happy to give away medium resolution images (the quality used on these pages) for use on blogs or other internet sites for free (she'd love a
credit and link if possible), and she's happy to sell prints or high resolution files on a case by case basis (just hit the contact button on the site).

Welcome to the internet, Donna!  And thank you!


31 Wonderful responses to “Introducing”

  • applehome

    Yay! And thanks so much to you both. Wonderful, meaningful, quality words and pictures – an unbeatable match. You both communicate, evoke, elicit thought and response. You inspire writers, photographers, and cooks! But watch out, Michael, at 1000 to 1, she’s catching up!

  • claudia (cook eat FRET)

    donna ruhlman is the most beautiful and talented and just plain ‘coolest’ woman i’ve come across in some time…

    this is very good news. the world needs to own her prints – or at the very least see them!!!

  • elizabeth

    Fantastic! I’ve picked up some great ideas and techniques from your blog, and I’m looking forward to reading Donna’s as well!

  • Donna

    Thank you all for the encouragement to join in. I will try my best to offer something of value and answer any photo questions I can.
    Again, thank you all so much.

  • Geof

    I agree that Donna’s photos are a big part of what inspires me to cook what you post about. Donna’s work has also inspired to work on my own photography as well.

    Congrats on launching the new site – I’m adding the bookmark as soon as I head on over.

  • Big Red

    Wonderful Donna! I can’t wait to see more of your work! What you have done so far has been fantastic. My husband is also a photographer and digital imaging specialist with Fuji, so having seen some great stuff, and some not so great stuff, I am excited by the news. Good for you!

  • Lisa

    I have the Ratio chart on the wall in my kitchen and while I find it quite handy as a quick reference, I love it because of the gorgeous photos. Thanks, Donna.

  • carey

    Congratulations, Donna! I have long admired the way you capture the unique beauty of food. I look forward to many happy hours enjoying your talent.

  • Paulie [eatl/ga]

    Cool. During the blog’s “vacation” I marveled and was inspired by each day’s photo and description. I’ll be adding the photo site to my RSS reader to keep up.

  • The Italian Dish

    Hey Donna: Welcome to the world of blogging! I love your photography and will immediately jump on over to your new site and subscribe. Looking forward to your posts. Also – love your self portrait!

  • JR Prospal

    Michael and Donna, you might want to let your web person know that when I view Donna’s site (on a Mac using Safari) that whatever application they are using covers up the masthead and pushes the blog name and Donna’s photo off the screen (1024×768). I think the app is slick, it might just need to be lowered a bit.

  • Susan at SGCC

    Congrats and best wishes to Donna. Her site looks fantastic! She is an extremely talented photographer with great style. And, you are a very sweet and supportive husband!

  • mel hill photography

    “But what she and I find most interesting is the way food really looks when your cooking it at home, or ought to. This is the kind of photography that I believe is most useful to people who cook. Images that are both compelling to look at and that also convey information”


    keep up the great work

  • luis

    Donna best of luck to you. You certainly work hard and know where you want to be. Understanding one’s niche in life as were one is happy and really really belongs is a blessing. Being able to pursue it is a double blessing. Godspeed on your new venture. But hey, please do help Mickie out with a nice pic now and then for our sake!

  • Katy Kafantaris

    Congratulations on “going live” Donna!.. having had the pleasant opportunity of meeting both you and Michael, I’m VERY much looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work on your website!!!
    (what a talented couple you are! 🙂

  • Apurva

    This is great, Donna! We’ve enjoyed your photography, and having a place to go to see it all, and share it with friends is a really great thing! Congratulations!

  • Tasra Dawson

    Stopping by from OpenSky. Congrats to your wife! That’s a wonderful accomplishment and what a great way for the two of you to work together.

  • Roxanne Browning

    I have been enjoying your photo blog and your emails. Nice Work! What’s better, food and Photography, humm, I don’t know, maybe an occasional glass of red wine?