Photo by Donna, Apples at North Union Farmers' Market

UPDATE: THANK YOU FOR THE EXTRAORDINARY RESPONSE!  I'm told I have to conclude the survey otherwise starts charging me for each new survey taken.  I didn't think that would happen at all, let alone happen so quickly.  Thank you for help.  I'm truly grateful! Will ask Twitter to choose the winner of the signed books.

And congrats to Steve Larochelle of Siver Spring, MD, winner of the signed copies.

I'm asking a favor today. 

It's fall and fall has gotten busy, happily so.  I hope soon to be making some
changes to this site and truly want to know why you click here.  Will you help me and take 90 seconds to
click through an 8-question survey?  I'll be grateful for any and all comments.  What do you like
about this site, what don't you like, what would you like more of?

I'm also gathering emails for what
will be a newsletter. The great majority of you who comment here leave your actual email, which comes to me via typepad. This is great because sometimes I
like to respond personally to your comment.  But I don't collect these
addresses or do anything with them. A newsletter, offering additional
content (no spam, filler or crap, I promise), is email based, and there will be
a question on the survey noting this.

My ingenious incentive for you to
take the survey and leave your email address is to give away to one such person a copy
of Michael Symon's new book, Live To Cook, AND Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc At Home,
respectively signed by Michael and Thomas to whomever you choose (and by me if
you wish—I'm the "with" guy on these two books, and proud to be so). 

It's not imperative that you leave an
email address if you simply want to answer the questions anonymously.  Either way
I'll be grateful. 


33 Wonderful responses to “A Survey Asking For Your Help”

  • Walker Lawrence

    Michael –

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to all the new and better things to come. I’m glad your giving your readers an opportunity to be involved with that process through a simple and easy survey.

  • The Italian Dish

    Michael – I’ve always loved your blog. I completed the survey. Hope this helps – and I love Donna’s photos. Hope you end up doing video – that would be fun!

  • Andy

    If you want to make kraut and/or choucroute, we’re in Delaware — right off 71.

  • Nanci

    I didn’t mention it on the survey – but I really like your links. They are a fascinating way to check out what is happening in other scenes without wading through google.

  • Wilma de Soto

    Have some guest bloggers sometime. It would take a load off you and they would lend another perspective to yours.

  • Arlette

    I just filled the survey, I hope it helps.
    I said yes to the news letter, but I do want those books anyway!

  • Megan

    Oh, ditto on the links–they’re awesome.

    And I think the design of the site is nice as well.

  • Mary Ellen

    Do you track where your readers are already coming from/what made someone check out your blog in the first place? I think that would be a good question for your survey, and give you ideas on how to increase your exposure.

  • Natalie Sztern

    The survey question where i had to click on a number and only had one number to choose from made the scale hard to decide…but it was a good scale cause it made it hard to decide….

  • Juday

    I’ve never posted before, but follow your blog religiously. I would really look forward to a newsletter, as I really like your writing. Donna’s photograhpy is phenomenal — and I like your links, too!

  • Sandy

    Love all the effort you put into your content, Michael. Continuing success.

  • Kate in the NW

    I only read 4 blogs and this is one of them. ‘Nuff said. (But I did the survey too).

  • Maria, Fresh Eats

    I just completed the survey and got a message that said that maximum number of respondents had been reached. Does this mean my thoughtful input has poofed into cyberspace?

  • Emily

    I got the same message about the maximum number of respondents, and am wondering the same thing as Maria.

  • Allison

    I got that message too — kind of annoying after I took the time to write out some thoughtful comments.

  • Corey

    I also got the ‘maximum respondents’ message. I actually spent a good deal of time and thought on it (that should teach me), so I’m kind of bummed now.

    Although I had not initially listed anything in the “what annoys me” box, I would like to amend my (non) response: I definitely find it annoying to devote energy providing meaningful feedback only to find out that it has been flushed back down the ole’ series of tubes.

    (Still love your blog, though.)

  • Michelle

    I’m disappointed – when I clicked on the link to take the survey, it said “we’ve reached the maximum number allowed.” Oh well, I would still love to receive the newsletter. In case you need more info – the reason I click here is because it is a reliable site. I know I can always find good, reliable food information and cooking tips here. And it is not about givewaways and fluff, like a couple other well known blogs out there. I can’t think of anything I don’t like, except the occasional annoying ad floating by. Love Donna’s photo’s. Look forward to more!

  • DMT

    I filled out the survey yesterday and submitted but think it wasn’t accepted – if so, please include me on the newsletter list!

  • Kevin Kossowan

    I’m in for the newsletter list – sign me up. But assuming you are looking for honest critique, I’m vastly more interested in your focus on core cookery concepts rather than food photography, so my interest has been waning.

  • Betty Ventura

    Too late for the survey, but please, please, please sign me up for your newsletter.

  • Melanie

    Please sign me up, and thank you for answering me when I emailed about what to do with an entire pork belly!

  • Darcie

    Darn, I missed the survey but if you are still signing up for the newsletter, please add me to your list. Thank you!

  • Messy Chef

    You might consider trying using Google Forms (part of the free Google Apps) to do your next survey… it’s free, and all of your data goes immediately into a spreadsheet.