Farmer's Market Haul #2_2
Photo by Donna

Summer bounty coming to an end but the growers markets here remain vibrant. I'll be out again tomorrow. Last week got all the above and so much more.  Especially love the variety of peppers, fresh limas, and concord grapes. Zucchini is for a salad I'm eager to post about on Monday. And can't over state how lucky I feel to be able to buy hand raised chicken, duck, pork and veal, not pictured here.  But mainly I love the bounty this photograph conveys.


19 Wonderful responses to “Farmer’s Market Haul”

  • Ricky

    I see you refilled on the cabbage…gotta have those sandwiches of yours.

  • Drago

    The absolute best are the fresh-from-the-orchard Ohio apples. I’ve been eating at least one per day, keepin’ that doctor away so far.

  • melissa

    I love taking the market bounty picture!! It’s so fun to pile everything up. I wish we had an apple orchard nearby.

    Speaking of apples–you had asked on Twitter how people use their food processor. Since my account is protected you won’t see my reply soo…my favorite use is for slicing apples. Not for regular eating–I’m not that lazy, but for when I’m slicing several of them to make apple pie or strudel. I peel and core them by hand but the processor makes the most gorgeously thin slices which are perfect for baking and it is so fast to do it that way when you are slicing anywhere from 10-30 apples.

  • Natalie Sztern

    The eggs stand out for me: montreal has two outdoor farmer markets and neither of them carry farm-fresh eggs…can u believe that?

    A Montreal Chowhounder told me its been years since he has seen them.

  • Stephanie

    Succulent. So gorgeously succulent. I’ve tiled it onto my computer desktop because it practically drips off the screen.

  • luis

    Fun, primo ingredients are in your pantry. Lovely stuff bro. Eggplant is my achiles heel. Whatever I try with it turns out really bland and all tha time I think if this veg could take would be a killer breaded and fried with some bacon fat.
    I think I try two batches, one fried and dried a bit and one dried then breaded and fried… I think if I could just cut it thick and dry it 50%, it could make killer tempura. A little blackened spice and italian spice,dash of hot sauce and a spritz o’ meyer lemon in a light tempura batter..and into the wok-kuzzi. maybe yes.. maybe no?
    One must break eggs if one is to make an omelette NO?
    Oh… stop it Pardus… get in the game man.

  • carri

    I spent the day yesterday processing all the beautiful produce I bought at the shakers square market last Sat morning (sweet corn and pepper relish, bread and butter pickles and a lucious tomato bruschetta)…it will make my Alaskan winter that much sweeter eating my memories of Cleveland!

  • Rhonda

    Carri, you are freaking me out!

    I am so unprepared for fall/winter.

    I planned on going to parents and raiding garden, canning & jams.

    Got new job — didn’t get there. Recently promoted and now working 6.5 days/week. No preparation, zero canning, no jams & jellies and now, offically SCREWED for winter.

    I am in BC. Fish is gone, Basil is shit (which is a good indicator) and I was just assaulted to pay $2.49 for two LOCAL leeks.

    My bad… It could be a long winter here. Fortunately, I do not have much time to eat.

  • Rhonda

    Hi Natalie;

    Your Farmer’s market is not selling fresh eggs because of liability issues.

    Apparently, Farmers are scared to sell them to general public because of potential salmonilla poisoning.

    This, of course, was brought on by unscrupulous lawyers with generally failing careers and nothing better to do.

    You will need to go to your local farmer, establish a relationship and get them to trust you enough to sell their eggs to you without fear of a lawsuit. Then, you will have to stand in line to get your eggs (if available) after the local chefs and restos who have insurance.

    Keep smiling. It only took me a better part of a year to do this but it is possible.

  • carri sounds like someone is going to need a care package come midwinter…;) I seriously love BC, but the winters can be long. (if I hadn’t stayed here, I would for sure be there!) …with 3 kids and the bakery, I have so been where you are right now…don’t worry, we’ll share!

  • NancyH

    Michael – I love Donna’s photo of the lima beans in the next post – what are your favorite uses for them? We just harvested a bumper crop from our garden.

  • lisadelrio

    When I saw this beautiful photo, I immediately thought that if we all ate food like this, we wouldn’t need health care reform. Hyperbole – it’s the best thing ever.

  • luis

    lisadelrio, Amen to that sister. But it’s hopeless… I brought a turkey sandwidch on 12 grain bread in for dinner at work and two apples in case I got the munchies.
    Boss decides to bring in dunking donuts crappy donuts and freaky colada coffee and then they break with mua… Oh..have another donut… a bit more colada for you!!!!!!…..aaaaaaaaah! I live in food helllllll!

  • Rhonda

    Love ya, Carri !!!!

    Ironically, before I met you, I spent a couple of summers and a Christmas in Alaska.

    Loved the summers in Anchorage and the Kenai but after a Christmas in Alyeska, my family decided that the only ice we ever wanted to see again in December was in our drinks. My parents then promptly purchased a home in Arizona.

    I will give a think on what I can send you. Do you need anything?

  • Jami Moss Wise

    Gorgeous photo. You are reminding me that it’s time for a Concord grape pie. There is a wonderful recipe in the Farm Journal Pie Cookbook from the 1960s on my shelves. It’s like the grape jam my grandmother made from the fruit in her arbor, only in a pie. Nothing like Smucker’s. I’ll try to post a copy here later or on my blog.

    By the way, your old college town of Durham now has a fabulous farmer’s market, where I even found goat kidneys recently.

  • Amanda

    I just made the BEST jam ever out of concord grapes. Concord Cinnamon Jam. From the Ball Canning cook book. I could eat a whole bowl of this stuff with a spoon. Concords are great 🙂

  • YOD

    I love the photo. I was just reminded that we are at the last week-end for the NUFM at Crocker Park and I am very saddened by that. It doesn’t help that I pulled out my tomato plant remnants earlier this week…