UPDATE: The RSS feed is now available at: http://ruhlman.com/feed

In customary knuckle-headed fashion, I would sometimes glance at that little "Subscribe" box below my "About" box and wonder what is that thing.  Seems to be a fairly common fixture on blogs.  Hm.  I think it's been up there for years.  Little did I know that I actually had to activate it! So it's now active if you want to subscribe.

An annoying glitch has appeared, however, that I'm trying to take care of. I encouraged my wife, Donna, who takes the photos for this page, to set up a blog where she could discuss photography with those who were interested.

Unfortunately, her photography posts go out to all the people who subscribe to this food blog's feed. My mom is seriously confused, and so are others no doubt. I try to tell my mom I'm working on the problem, and she responds by asking me why I keep writing about photography.

So: Mom, et al, accept my apologies for cluttering your mailbox and know that I'm working on solving the problem.


40 Wonderful responses to “Note to Readers re: RSS Feed”

  • sharonn

    I LIKE the photo sessions — it might be a little confusing at first but glory, glory, it’s interesting.

  • Saul

    For the record, subscription (via google reader) has been working for some time now. Also I like that the two blogs are both in the same feed, as they always seem to overlap topically.

  • Melissa

    Oh, ha, I thought you and Donna’s posts were purposefully paired…it’s kind of cute that way!

  • kaw4573

    Ha – me too! Though it was not on purpose, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about photography. [Bonus: My photos actually seem to be coming out better now. =)]

  • Patrick R

    You can put me with the group that actually likes receiving both in one feed.

  • flutter

    Please leave the RSS feed as it is! I adore reading Donna’s posts in tandem with yours.

  • Lu

    I though getting Donna’s RSS feed with her photos was a bonus when getting yours 😉

    If you don’t change your mind, warn us once the RSS feeds are separate, because I will certainly subscribe to hers as well!

  • Corey

    I, too, thought that Donna’s posts were just part of the ruhlman.com RSS experience. When I read the feed through Google Reader it identifies who made the post anyway, so no confusion here.

  • Linda

    you’re so funny! your blog is the only one i read word for word. you and your wife are doing a great job!

  • Jamie

    Add me to the masses who enjoy the two blogs as one. If you change it, please let us know when we can subscribe to the other RSS feed!

  • dee es

    I too have enjoyed getting both blogs in my Google reader. Because reader displays the author’s name, there’s no reason at all for confusion.

  • Amy (Minimally Invasive)

    I find it very convenient to get both posts from one feed! But I’ll admit it WAS a little confusing at first when I couldn’t get Donna’s blog as a separate RSS feed.

  • Natalie Sztern

    It’s a veg-out day for me so this post is reverberating in my head: Michael perhaps you should re-word your mother’s comments…could be insulting to donna, no? I know it is not but it sounds…like momma is not a-liking the pics….i am such a shit disturber, i know.

  • Paul Michael Smith

    Add my name to those goggle readers who have been getting both with not too much confusion and much enjoyment.

  • Andrew

    Count me in with those who want to keep getting both in one feed. Love the photos, and the behind-the-scenes advice on how they were shot.

  • Matt

    I agree. In addition to being a great food blog, the photo information is fascinating, even to a non-photographer like me.

  • RecollectedStephanie

    I join the growing crowd of people who LIKE having both the photos and the cooking coming through the feed.

    You two share a passion paired with practicality that I love reading! You’d better let us know if you “fix” this so we can subscribe to both feeds.

  • Chennette

    I have been receiving the RSS feed for some time now. Although I quite happily receive both yours and Donna’s posts on the same feed. Some days I want to read about the photo first, and some days your content. This makes it easier.

  • Roya

    I like it that way too! It is like a behind the scenes look at setting up the shot!

  • John Hughes

    You probably don’t need another me too post, but what the heck. I enjoy both set of posts. If you split them up I will have to subscribe to her blog too.

  • Morry Anne Angell

    I also join your faithful RSS subscribers in saying that I liked getting both of your blog posts at once – the point and counterpoint. It is an excellent combination. I personally hope it stays that way, although I’ll subscribe to both regardless.

  • 123

    Given that the two blogs address similar but inherently different topics, I think it makes sense to separate the RSS feeds.

    How the feed appears is different depending on the RSS reader one uses – I was in the “confused” camp along with Mrs. Ruhlman, as mine combines them without displaying the author.

    There would be nothing stopping those who are interested in both subjects to simply subscribe to both feeds, so there doesn’t seem to be a serious downside.

    Just my $0.02…

  • msparksls

    Unfortunately, all roads seem to lead to code writing involving the creation of category specific rss feeds

    I believe you may be looking to achieve what this plugin accomplishes (for wordpress):


    A search in typepad’s knowledgebase that appears remotely close to helping:


    Typepad gives you the option to create a help ticket, but from those tickets I’ve read so far, their answers point you toward code writing anyway. That is, unless you’re willing to pay for their services in optimizing your blog design.

    I’m in agreement with the majority of the feedreading users here in that things look just fine. I find it pretty cool that you’re both sharing this forum together. If anything, you may want to categorize/tag each post (for example “photography”, “recipes”)

  • Henry

    I think, as I quickly scanned all the other comments here that I may be unique (just like everyone else). I don’t think I’ll be subscribing to any more feeds, especially yours, I already just use your blog as my homepage. Excellent content to start with and all the links to recipe sites and other chef’s blogs is just great!!
    Keep up the good work.
    Thank you

  • Hez

    Add mine to the voices in support of the combined feed with both photo & food posts. I assumed it was intentional and absolutely adore the behind-the-scenes, he said/she said element it brings to this blog. As an amateur food stalker (I go where I know food will be, I read about things I could do to food, I think about food while I’m with other food), I wish I could photograph it better, so you and Donna are one-stop-shopping for inspiration on both fronts. Many thanks. Your blog always hits the spot.

  • The Italian Dish

    Michael: Seriously? You’re kidding, right? About the subscription thing? I had to laugh – like you don’t know what an RSS feed is?? Anyway, no worries – yours seems to be working – I’ve subscribed and have been getting your posts for a long time. And I love getting Donna’s! No worries there!

  • kaybee

    Add my vote in for keeping the photography mixed in with the food posts. Cooking and photography are interests of mine and I always find it interesting to see how the “food pron” images that appear in the food articles are created. You are both extremely talented!!

  • Andreas

    I second to keep both sites in one feed.
    Maybe your mother will understand that people these days like to eat their cake and take a picture of it too. 🙂

  • Dean

    Don’t get rid of the photos! I really like them. Her photographs and the related stories are great! As the rest of the comments here show, even though it’s not what you intended, the result works just fine. Viva Serendipity!

  • Victoria

    I must admit it’s kind of impossible to consider Donna’s posts a glich? You mean I won’t be getting them anymore.

    Shame on you. (Just kidding.)

  • Barry

    I have really enjoyed the photography posts, too. Serendipitous or not,they have really been an excellent visually artistic complement to your food blogging.

    And who else does that?

  • Heather

    I too enjoy both the food and photography posts, and hope they will continue.

  • Saibu

    I enjoy the photos as well but in all honesty, I subscribed to the blog for the writing and would prefer it remain that way.

    If its possible to separate the two, I anticipate those who like the food art will be able to subscribe to the photo blog without any trouble. Everyone will be happy. Yay!

    Thanks for a great blog!

  • Janine

    You’ll let us know how to subscribe to Donna’s blog once they’re separated, yes? I love her posts.