I got really lucky when I fell in love with Donna in the wee hours of the new year 1988 Mary Frances’s kitchen in Palm Beach.  She’d been shooting that night, and would continue shooting, but little did she know that 21 years later, she’d be photographing food for me.  Thanks to this blog and the people who read it, she now shoots food with alacrity, so I thank  those who have encouraged her. You’ve helped me!

At the request of a few of her admirers she put together a calendar with some of her favorite images.  If we’d had our acts together and done this early enough to print a thousand, we could probably have reduced the price, but as it is, she’s printing them via Apple.  For more info, see her blog.

Now, an announcement.  Next week, I’m hoping next week, on Monday if I’m lucky, I’ll be relaunching a new design of this site.  This is just a bit of forewarning for those who don’t like shocks to the routine.  I’m losing the red banner, that’s the main thing, but there will be other changes as well.

And finally, congratulations to Thomas Keller, chef de cuisine Rory Herrmann, and the rest of the family who have opened today Bouchon Bistro in Beverly Hills.  Rory is a great cook and chef (his dad’s the well-known character actor ed—first role was the pipe smoking law student in Paper Chase) and if I lived in that fine, soulful city, I’d be eager to head there for some oysters and a steak frites and an enormous zinfandel.  Anyone who goes, please let me know how it is!


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