Photo by Keith Farris/CIA

Tonight at 10 pm eastern, Travel Channel.

I haven’t seen any of the footage from this and so am a little nervous about what was going on with the High Tea and that little boat ride. Original post here.

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57 Wonderful responses to “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations In the Hudson Valley”

  • Mark

    Thanks for the tip. Great show. I’m a late bloomer with the whole celebrity chef stuff and just now reading your book, so it was great to see the CIA, Chef Pardus, and yourself come to life. The kid was hilarious!

  • phyllis segura

    I’m watching this Hudson Valley show now. Since I do a few things at a time I missed out on where you actually are and there is nothing that tells me except maybe once. So. Where were you in New Paltz? Thanks.
    I live in the Hudson Valley; cook privately, when I can.

  • luis

    Is that Mickey next too tha B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as in bad ass Bourdain?
    well so be itt………I think they sorta dig…each other… Like our pups bella and papo~!….except our pups are M and F…if youkowwihat I mean…..

  • Lara

    we died laughing. i want a ruhlman shirt too 🙂
    Thank you for being the Curly to Tony’s Moe 🙂

  • Tags

    You seemed to be getting a little nervous with Tony slipping into that velvet Kurtz persona at the hotel. I almost expected to see you mopping his brow while he murmured “the foie gras… the foie gras.”

  • Sharon Scott

    Michael are you reading?? I’ve been talking about a Ruhlman shirt for months on Twitter. Come on, I need a new yoga shirt. **laughs** Something like, “” or “ruhlman rants”

  • Brian the Cook

    You don’t have a t-shirt yet? That’s OK, I’d have to get another one of your books first if I ever work again…hard winter! Seeing you on Bourdain’s show was a high point. Very funny, some of it.

  • beth aka confusedhomemaker

    My husband loves (don’t tell him I used the word loves to describe him) when the two of you are on together because he says it reminds him of how he is with some of his friends, I agree 🙂

  • CJ

    Of all the places to visit in the Hudson Valley, you picked – the Rondout Bar?!!

    Very funny show…even the canapes.

  • Stephanie Manley

    Great segment! Let me say I wished I was at that BBQ, and Pardus’ daughter, oh my. It isn’t often where you see Bourdain made quiet 😉 She needs to be a regular.

  • ruhlman

    Stephanie, that that BBQ was some of the best Asian food I’ve ever had. That did not come through in the show.

  • Greg K

    Great show! I had no idea you were on and I was channel surfing when I saw Bourdain rowing you down the river…that was amazing. As most have said, I think the only thing that could have made it better was Chef Pardus’ daughter on the entire show. That kid is going to be great.

  • mary lynn

    The show was not on last night in the central time zone. It will be on Thursday 2/11 at 8:00 p.m.

  • claudia @ ceF

    it was on last night – 9pm central in nashville. LOVED IT!

    cool show and as much as i adore bill murray, your segments were way better…

  • Damon

    I meet Mr. Ruhlman last Jan in Philly at a QA w/Chef Kellar and I do believe at the time I was the first to have a tattoo (real one) of Chef Bourdains logo. I also would like to a shirt.

  • KristineB

    The Cleveland show is my favorite NR episode. This is now #2. Now I’m going to have to go back and watch the Chef Pardus videos again. They should start redoing “Road to….” movies with the two of you. I’d buy that ticket.

  • Keef

    Great show! Always nice to see New Paltz get some love!

    I guess I’m in the minority in regards to the kid though. Didn’t find it cute at all.

  • Phil

    It was Bourdain’s best show in a while, and definitely the best segment you’ve done with him since the French Laundry episode of A Cook’s Tour.

    While it was entertaining, I’m not sure we should be applauding Chef Pardus’ daughter too much. Many of us were brought up in the era that children should be respectful to their elders, and she failed in that regard. She was cute, though. And it was absolutely classic when she outed her father for “hating” Emeril.

  • Reverend Xenakaboom

    I saw the episode last night; the homage to the Las Vegas episode (via the way Tony was driving the car) was amusing. Did he drive it, or did they have a young stunt man (under a grey wig) do the driving with you in the passenger set?

    In any case, why the h*** don’t you have your own show on, say, the Bravo Channel?

  • Josh

    We watched this last night after eating a Pork Tenderloin with Dijon Marsala Sauce for dinner. The Hudson episode was great and I was pleased to see the two of you together again. It was also wonderful to see Chef Pardus as I’ve read of him in your Making of a Chef. Pardus’s daughter cracked us up. She was too smart and I have to believe that she was coached up on what buttons to push on Tony.

    Speaking of your book, we’ve got a friend whose son is eleven really started to show a desire to cook. I’ve heard that he’s checked out cookbooks from the library to make something for his family. I was telling my wife that I’d like to write him a note in my copy of your book that if I could do it all over again that I’d go for being a cook. If cooking is his passion then perhaps he can make the CIA his long-term goal.

  • bob delgrosso

    I fell asleep when you and Tony pulled up to Mohonk so I missed the whole deal at Mike’s house. I’ll try again tonight. Someone told me I was on camera almost afraid to watch now.
    Hey, that hot dog boat was way cool.

  • Jose Canseco

    Show was okay. Too scripted (expected though), too obvious.

    Wow, an outdoor bar with a bunch of local drunks. I needed to know about that.

    An annoying, too-witty-for-her-age child…really good programing. NOT.

    Pardus’s cookout looked amazing though.

  • Natalie Sztern

    First Chef Pardus, your daughter should have her own show…she and television: better than any reality show I’ve ever watched…Brilliant!

    Next, I’ll watch it in “Canada” when we get here in 2012…do any of you get Wild Chef? He’s ‘our’ celebrity chef…that devil Martin Picard…

    I really have a pet peeve, though, when Bourdain ‘did Montreal’, he highlighted an Eskimo feast…WHATTTTT!!!!!

    that pissed me off. Try and tell him we deserve a Re-do.

    Plus with all the Montreal Chefs to show him the city he could have left the two 18yr old French girls at school that day. Culinary school, of course.

  • Gastrometrics

    I was at the CIA a few days after your two. The students were all buzzing about your visit. The scene when Bourdain is eating crabs out of the water at the base for the nuclear power plan was priceless. I visit that area twice a year and I love the atmosphere in the Hudson Valley. Great food, great wine, and people who are respectful of both.

  • russ

    How do the two of you not have a regular show together already?? You guys are a great pairing.

    The only fault with last night’s show, too much time was spent with Pardus’ daughter. Cute, but would rather have heard more about the Asian food and the students.

  • Indianapolis Amy

    I absolutely loved the Hudson River Valley episode of No Reservations. You and Anthony Bourdain need your own show together…How about a show where you drive along the California coast. It would be a big hit!

  • Andrew Stott

    Great episode! Nice job in the kitchen, and at the bar afterwards…

    I agree with the commenters above me: you guys seriously need your own show together. I’d watch every week!

  • McGuire

    What in the hell was that!!!!??? The only thing I took away from the show was NOT to go to Hudson Valley. I love you guys but that show was terrible!
    Pardus’s food looked amazing but his daughter was completely annoying.
    Sweet Jesus that was bad.

  • Natalie Sztern

    Bob, in real life too…but I thought it didn’t come through…LOL…you truly have no idea what my husband lives with..oy

  • Jed

    I agree with Russ…you two need to have your own show and why was so much time wasted on a smart ass kid. It amazes me that so many people thought Pardus’ daughter was “brilliant” treating Bourdain like a punching bag. I would have much rather seen more about the bbq.

  • Jane Ridolfi

    Great post and fabulous photo by Donna (pics are getting more luscious by the post!) going to test 100 milk, 50 milk/50 cream, and 100 cream…….I’ve always used 1 qt cream/8 yolks… can you go wrong with that? ok, I”ll try the milk version….so curious……….

  • Fran

    I live in the Hudson Valley. That show was very disappointing. There’s so much beauty and so many wonderful food and wine sources in the Valley but you seemed to miss them all!

    Boudain’s apparent alcoholism is getting old. Treat it or leave it out of the shows.

  • mama johnston

    bourdain and ruhlman need their own show on hbo for full debauchery. pardus kid is tonys future with his own daughter. be warned, bourdain….:)

  • Dervin

    The negative comments are the result of Bourdain’s one note is getting tiring within the confines of TV.

    By opening up the gritty truth behind the professional kitchen he led the vanguard of white collars celebration of the working man (Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs, et al.). But unlike playing the likable everyman, he’s taken up the persona of “the bad boy.” Which doesn’t really last for more than an 20 minutes on TV. He loses his edge. Because to be a bad boy, you have to tell nice people they suck, to their face.

    The entire bar scene served no purpose other than to show us how edgy Bourdain is. Sure Tony’s a well off, vassar educated, published author, good father, loving husband, but here he is with a bunch of people who drink all the time. He’s still edgy!!

    Why it works with Ruhlman is because Tony has his foil.

  • Ray

    The Shining sketch was a little overscripted but the CIA visit and Chef Pardus’ BBQ were fine, I thought. I managed to get hungry looking at that wonderful spread and while I don’t want to overpraise Pardus’ daughter, I’m glad that somebody managed to raise a intelligent and well spoken if a bit precocious young child. All the best to her. She can only be annoying in my eyes because she reminds me of how little I’ve learned over the years and how I wasted my childhood eating dirt. 🙂

  • Rhonda

    Six months ago, I could never have imagined that I would be in the position to defend Tony Bourdain. But here goes:

    Yes, I have heard comments from Foodies saying he is doing schtick and yes, he is on TV, but he has always been loyal to his Clan.

    Always. …Always.

    And his Clan, in turn, love him for that.

    Perhaps the Foodies do not understand or appreciate this but those on the Front Line do.

    However, those on the Front Line are working and not at home to watch his show so this may pose a problem for ratings and subsequent advertising dollars. I do not know.

    I assure you, that we Chefs do, from time to time, tell people to their face that they suck. Tony can’t do this because his Producers will make his life miserable. We can and do. Tony knows this and I think secretly misses it.

    What I do not understand, is that now that Tony has led you into the underworld, you all of a sudden want him to be Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

    Tony became famous for telling the truth and now he is getting ctiticized for that?

    That, my friends, is what should be looked at.

    One of the reasons I have fallen so deeply in love with Restaurant People is because they do not lie.

    Michael has written about it may times. You cannot lie in the kitchen. PERIOD. In any shape or form.

    Do not criticise Tony for taking you to a place you did not want to stay at.

    It is not all tablescapes and 30 minute meals out there.

  • james

    We want the Ruhlman t-shirts and we want them now!!!

    If you need slogans here they are..

    I cure your meat!
    I make your meat hang well
    If Bourdain knows so much why does he keep asking me on his show?
    Why do Bourdain’s rating go up when I am on there. and i dont even have tats!

  • Nicole

    I wish he had gone to Fleisher’s Meats in Kingston instead of the Roundout Bar. The kid made me laugh, but in retrospect, seemed scripted.

    I would have liked to have seen more of the CIA too. I took an evening class there years ago when I lived in the area and loved it.

  • Hummingbird Appetite

    I think people who live in the Hudson Valley, like I do, are going to be more critical of the episode. There’s certain places I would have liked to see more of, but I understand the Hudson Valley is a vast area and it would be impossible to make all fans of the show happy. So, I just enjoyed the episode for what it was. I’m sure there was a crap-load of footage the producers of the show couldn’t fit in there.

  • dervin

    @ Rhonda, so what did we learn from Tony’s trip to Roundout or the X20 or the kid from central casting? Really. Enlighten us. The secrets of the seedy underbelly of the food world did Tony bring to light?

    Want to enjoy a great BBQ, well all you really have to do is become friends with a CIA instructor and it’s party time. Wow, so when CIA instructors complain about stalkers we’ll know who to thank.

    Considering the richness of the hudson valley, this show was a crime.

  • Rhonda


    Not defending the show. I am defending Tony.

    There is a cheeseball element to some of the shows. Once again, I defend Tony and will let the Producers defend their final cut of the show.

    The show’s content is the responsibility of the Producers of “No Reservations”.

    The “kid from Central Casting” who I think you may be referring to is Chef Pardus’ Daughter.

    Yes, Chef Pardus from the CIA.

    What the fuck do the Foodies want to see on television anyway?


    Do you want to know what really goes on or will you be bored and then complain that a secret recipe for some type of shit dish that will never see light in a professional kitchen not be revealed.

    If someone makes snarky comments, will you complain that they are one note?

    I am asking earnestly because I am sick of people taking pictures of food, blogging about it and then making judgements when they don’t have a fucking clue as to what goes into the process.

    Enjoy the food. Delete your Blog and stop trying to be famous by writing about other peoples work.

    Dervin, I am not speaking to you specifically. I am speaking to this new culture.

    If you have something to say about my food, come into my restaurant, eat and then talk to me personally.

    I suggest that everyone do this. I think there is a Chefs revolt brewing and we are tired of cowards sitting behing their computer giving feedback anonymously. Man up!

    I suggest to all that they do this in person and not in the dark of night behind a computer screen. Any Chef, worth his salt will listen and take constructive critisicm.

    If you are wrong, I suggest you be prepared.