Due to the recent OpenSky press (NYTimes bits blog, techcrunch.com, USAToday), this site got a surge of traffic that forced my inhospitable host to shut it down last night. Can’t tell you how frustrating that is.  We’ve gone ahead and moved it to a dedicated server so this should never be an issue again (permalink issues remain but will eventually work themselves out I trust).  Sorry for the inconvenience.

And yes, these really are the two most important tools in my kitchen (thanks for the shot, Donna!).  A Kitchen Essentials post was in the works but this damned shut-down threw off my whole schedule. At any rate, hope you’re cooking and eating well tonight!


16 Wonderful responses to “Server Issues Resolved”

  • Cali

    I have those same two EXACT knives! I’ve had them now for 13 or 14 years and they are BY FAR the best knives I’ve ever used. Definitely worth the investment. The only other kitchen knife that is truly needed is a long serrated bread knife.

  • Russell

    I’ve got that exact Wusthof paring knife and I’ve never been able to get it very sharp, or to keep an edge for very long. But my Wusthof santoku stays sharp for weeks. Go fig.

  • Drew

    Congrats getting the site back up…I know that can be a pain…but it is, as we say, a good problem to get that much traffic…keep it up.

  • Sharon Scott

    Couldn’t agree with you more about the essentials in the kitchen. Maybe you could do a blog entry, “What Every Home Cook Should Know Before Stepping into Williams Sonoma”.

  • rockandroller

    I’m so tired, I seriously only saw the big knife and the tomatoes. I was thinking, wow, he really loves tomatoes I guess. LOL.

  • Chuck Shaw

    I’ve used Wusthof, but found them to be softer than Henkels requiring more frequent trips to the sharpener. I have a 10″ I’ve been using since cooking school 20 years ago and I bought my wife an 8″. She has more confidence with the shorter knife. One you forgot is a boning knife, a nice tool to have for fish.

  • luis

    I have those knives with white handles. They are very good knives. But I have others. One comes in the kitchen one leaves. These two will never leave my kitchen. In fact I am fairlly happy with my knife set now.
    I have a twelve inch chef knife that is waiting on a larger cutting board.
    Guess I never thunk of that when I got it.

  • Doug Hiza

    The new server solved one of my most frustrating problems, I could not connect with your blog from my home computer (for months). I don’t know why and Apple didn’t know why, but now I can and I’m sooooo happy!