There has been a flurry of activity in regards to Michael’s new book Ruhlman’s Twenty it is featured in today’s Chicago Tribune; “20 Steps to Better Cooking”.  Joe Crea from Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer writes about a few of the Twenty techniques, in “Michael Ruhlman’s ‘Twenty’ Recipes.  Russ Parson’s of the LA Times has also reviewed Twenty.



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7 Wonderful responses to “Twenty in the News”

  • Victoria

    Hi, MR,

    Russ Parson’s article is very nice indeed. My assistant, a twenty-three year old named Leighann, who graduated from Colgate a year and a half ago, has been learning to cook since she came to work here. Our biggest accomplishment together was successfully making Peter Reinhart’s bagels as adapted by Luisa, The Wednesday Chef, which inspired her to want to move on to bigger and better things.

    So I said starting in January (after she gets done studying for her graduate school entry exams), we will cook together once a week. She came to my apartment, and I gave her a choice of our using The Art of Eating Cookbook or Twenty.

    She picked Twenty. When are you coming to NY?

  • Carolyn Z

    An intense but fun read. Happy book tour. Fun to hear how it is going.