One Wonderful response to “Original Party Girls”

  • Marce

    When I owned and operated a 200-acre farm in utstape New York (Carthage area) not far from the Canadian border, I was fortunate enough to have on my property, a sugar shack, a hen house, and a smoke house, in addition to my 50 dairy cows, a few beefers, 6 goats, and a dozen filthy hogs.My hardy native neighbors were quick to introduce me to the secrets (THEIR secrets) of making peameal bacon, usually under threats of severe bodily harm if I should EVER reveal their method(s).When I decided that I was getting old and could no longer handle the winters with the 12-foot snowdrifts and common -20 degree weather, I sold the farm (for a handsome profit, thankfully) and moved back to civilization, armed with my knowledge of how to make my beloved peameal bacon (and MANY other culinary delights).Your article has resurrected some fine memories of my five+ years in the far north, and with some of the wonderful friends and foods that I met there.One question, Ruhlman why do you refuse to use the Spell-Check feature on your word processor program? I guess, as a retired educator, I just HAD to ask that question.


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