Schmaltz schmeared on bread. Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman.

Fat on bread. Talk about felicitous but little-thought-about pairings. While writing Schmaltz, I of course tasted schmaltz on rye, with a little kosher salt, and it’s so good. Now this really is better than butter. (Donna would want to underscore yet again the power of backlighting. This was shot in late afternoon sunlight.)

Back to cold Cleveland tomorrow. Now need to make lobster stock from yesterday’s crustacean extravaganza. Twenty-five lobsters à la minute is no easy task, so thanks to all the sailors who lent a hand, especially Russ, whom I sprayed repeatedly with lobster juice as we cracked fifty claws. His favorite shirt no less.

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© 2013 Michael Ruhlman. Photo © 2013 Donna Turner Ruhlman. All rights reserved.


11 Wonderful responses to “Schmaltz on Bread”

  • Allen

    I love schmaltz on roasted veggies with a little lemon zest and salt.
    Friday, I’m having a vodka tini with lemon twist and Vaya vermouth. I know you want me to say kangaroo, but I’m using Platinum 7 vodka, and I am using a twist. It’s so good I’m calling it a fucking martini goddamit!

  • Deanna

    My dad and grandfather fight over the chicken fat left in the pan when a chicken is done roasting. They stand there with pieces of cheap white bread (they say it absorbs more fat) and salt. It’s impossible to make a gravy or pan sauce with them around.

  • Mike

    I printed out the directions on Schmaltz and Gribens to make my own this weekend for the potato kugel recipe. I’m getting some some bread now too!

  • Victoria

    My English pork butcher grandfather used to fry bread in bacon grease (his own, of course) instead of toasting the bread (on a fork over the fire, also yum) for Sunday breakfast.

    I’m downloading your bread app today because I want to see everything you have to say on the subject as I have so much luck with your bread, The Best Homemade Bread that . It really is as it toasts beautifully AND makes delicious sandwiches. Based on that I will be trying this bread immediately.

    I would love to read a whole post on your use of a pressure cooker. I’m going to check your archives now to see if somehow you did one, and I missed it.

  • Nanci Courtney

    Remember back in the day when you went to a NYC kosher meat deli there would be pots of schmaltz on the table to add to your sandwich or whatever? It has been eons since I have seen that! I am sure the health department had everything to do with it all going away. But man it was delicious!!

  • karen downie

    i’m laughing here because my hungarian grandmother thought that pumpernickel, spread with lard, and topped with raw onion was a perfectly good sandwich. and whatever you do, don’t turn your nose up at garden-variety saltines with coconut oil and salt…’cause that’s a bowl of chili’s best friend.

  • Tim

    Chickens don’t put much fat into their muscles and store a lot of it in sacks under their skin. When we harvest them we take most of those sacks, render them and spend the rest of the day in schmaltz heaven.