The official cover of Schmaltz.

The official cover of The Book of Schmaltz.

Begging everyone’s forgiveness for this promotion-oriented week—it just happened, I don’t plan anything. (For those hungering for food postscool tomato-water/sauce technique videopretty Donna picture and my favorite veg to grill, or if in the mood for a food rant; and check back in for a brand new cocktail tomorrow, for The Hour.)

As promised, my Schmaltz app is no longer available and won’t be till sometime next year, but that is because my new, beautiful, full-color book THE BOOK OF SCHMALTZ: Love Song to a Forgotten Fat is coming soon to a bookstore/eTailer near you. The book will hit bookstores in August. It will be available in print and eBook formats.

While August might seem far away, I very much want you to pre-order it now (and dare I suggest that a printed copy of THE BOOK OF SCHMALTZ would be loved by all of your nondigital relatives (especially that bubbe who still adores you).

To encourage pre-orders, my publisher has come up with an intriguing suggestion that I agreed to: if you preorder the book by Sunday and send your receipt to my publisher at, they will send you a dial-in code to an exclusive pre-orderers-only call that I will be doing with you on Monday, May 6, at noon Eastern Time, 9 a.m. Pacific. I’ll talk a little about schmaltz, but if you wish but we can talk about cooking generally and you can ask any cooking questions you’d like during an hour-long chat.

The first 100 people to send in their receipts will get an exclusive dial-in pin code and a signed bookplate. The next 100 people who send in their receipts will get a signed bookplate.

Though gentile to my core, with my schmaltz mentor, Lois “Queen of Schmaltz” Baron, I’m eager to spread my love of schmaltz far and wide!

Pre-order the hardcover of The Book of Schmaltz at the following venues:

Pre-order from IndieBound.

Pre-order from Amazon or Amazon Kindle version.

Pre-order from Barnes & Noble.

Pre-order ebook from iTunes.

Long live schmaltz! Cook for your family and friends!

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6 Wonderful responses to “The Book of Schmaltz: The Hardcover Edition”

  • BDW

    I just bought the app and will pre-order the book. One question though – what about the chicken fat skimmed from the top of homemade chicken stock (I get quite a bit of it when I make stock with chicken thighs and drumsticks)? I see on the web that others consider that schmaltz, but I see no mention of this method of making it in the book. What’s the difference between this and the schmaltz made per the technique in the book?

    • Michael Ruhlman

      It won’t have the onion or the browned flavor. but it’s great cooking fat, and you can always save and freeze and add to schmaltz. or just use.

    • Michael Ruhlman

      I’ll have to amend the schmaltz app to say as much, so thanks!

  • paseo

    From an old(er) lady, devoted fan, technologically challenged (no smart phone here), chicken fat devotee, thank you for FINALLY releasing a hard cover (none too soon). Can’t have too many ideas of what to do with this golden elixir.

  • Alex

    I just pre-ordered a copy for my mother for her birthday which is in August! And I plan to get the Kindle version for myself but have not pre-ordered yet. I am eager to learn about schmaltz! Also cannot wait for the egg book to come out as well. I love the digital form. I use it to look up terms with just the touch of the screen while in the kitchen. It is invaluable while working with food products as a beginner.

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