8 Wonderful responses to “The Internet Kills Creativity”

  • tim

    “The Internet Kills”

    What an incredibly naive comment. It also saves. Its also allowing extraordinarily creativity never seen before in this world. Business models have been continuously disrupted throughout history. That’s not a bad thing.

  • Natalie Luffer Sztern

    Unfortunately with the onset of the internet there are a lot of businesses that must create new models or they will become extinct. Surely Michael, you realize that exists in the Print world of hardcopy books and newspapers ; now the music world (which had its problems back 10 years ago with napster etc) and television need to see how life is evolving for those who they create for.

    I would never get used to online television but my kids only watch online television. I know that industry is aware of the game of the internet and is already ahead of the game. ..ah yes, with the onset of the internet has come good and bad – but one thing exists:those of us baby boomers and business women/men must recognize the future of their industry.

  • Tags

    We need an online farmer’s market that gives the majority of the profits to those who compose.

  • ruhlman

    David Byrne is one of my artistic heroes (I wrote about him a long time ago in the NYTimes), and his concerns for musical artists are real. Happily it’s not the same for authors or even cookbook authors despite the fact that recipes are now free.

  • allen

    I mentioned mr. Byrnes book The Bicycle Diaries in a past post, I had not known at the time you interviewed him, or anyone here knew of him.
    I admire his creativity, music, inspiration and his love of bicycling as a form of transportation – so much more enjoyable than sitting in traffic, good for you and great gas mileage.

    He has a new book out, How Music Works. Looking forward to reading it as soon as possible. Love his writing as much as his music.

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