The center of the egg, the yolk. One perfectly hard boiled and the other in its natural state. Photos by Donna Turner Ruhlman.

Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the World’s Most Versatile Ingredient. It honestly did come to me in something like a flash, or a series of small idea explosions, one leading to another to another until the entire landscape went up in flames. The whole of the egg, a miracle of nutrition, economy, utility, and deliciousness, came to me as a single image. All one thing.

In this euphoria of eureka, I called out to Donna to help me capture it. Within the hour we had a complete flowchart of the egg on five feet of parchment paper, a document that served as the proposal for this book (and that its publisher, Little, Brown, has not only recreated and tucked into the back of the book, but made interactive in the astonishing electronic version). I will be on Morning Edition later this week, and on it the host, Steve Inskeep, asked me to read a paragraph from the Introduction. Having not read it in a year, I was struck by how concisely it summed up the new book, officially published today.

“In the kitchen, the egg is ultimately neither ingredient nor finished dish but rather a singularity with a thousand ends. Scrambled eggs and angel food cake and ice cream and aioli and popovers and gougères and macarons and a gin fizz aren’t separate entities, they’re all part of the egg continuum, they are all one thing. The egg is a lens through which to view the entire craft of cooking. By working our way through the egg, we become powerful cooks.”

We become powerful cooks when we know the egg. And that’s what this big-ass egg cookbook is all about. Each recipe is an example of a single end the egg brings us to, dozens and dozens of different ends.

Please help me welcome the publication of Egg! And of course I’m giving away a signed copy; just mention in the comments section your favorite way of using an egg (even if it’s throwing it at writers).

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387 Wonderful responses to “Egg Launch and Giveaway”

  • Laura

    A perfectly poached egg for breakfast with fresh basil chiffonade over a piece of whole wheat toast… Or even better over a square of freshly baked puff pastry dough.

  • Jennifer

    Mayonnaise 🙂 or eggnog. I’m not sure why I’m thinking about eggnog when the crocuses are finally blooming. But yeah, eggnog.

  • Shane

    It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think it’s hard to beat a perfectly soft boiled egg with some butter and toast.

  • Darcy Welsch

    Years ago I lived in Newcastle, Australia. I worked as a Breakfast cook. Not every morning, but more often than not we’d make a few breakfast Sandwiches for the crew. It wasn’t anyone’s Job in particulars job, it was just something that happened. When it was my turn around 9 am when I would make these Sandwiches I’d strat with a Loaf of length wise cut Turkish Bread, buttered and toasted in a Panani Press, Crisy Bacon, Fried Eggs, (yolks intact), Austrailan BBQ sauce(a little more like steak sauce than the sweeter versions we have in North America) Sometimes Cheese some times not, Cut on the Bias and handed out. The satisfaction that came when handing them out to the Team was only equalled by watching them consume the tasty “Sani’s”, watch the mixture of Yolk and BBq sauce run down their pinky fingers. Best Egg Memory.

  • Louise

    A comfort food for me is a fried egg sandwich with a thin slice of ham fried in the same pan.

  • Sandy Smith

    Huevos rancheros, hands down. Followed by Eggs Benedict and shirred eggs with garlic-sauteed spinach and sherried mushrooms. 🙂

  • Natalie B

    I’m a big baker so I’m gonna have to say my favorite way to use an egg is in a batch of cookie dough.

  • Amy S

    Scrambled with veggies and cheese for a quick nutritious meal.

  • joelfinkle

    Just one?
    Fried, on an english muffin (hollandaise++)
    No, make that scrambled with cheese, stuffed into a toasted pita.
    What am I saying, it’s the threads in hot and sour soup, or perhaps avgolemono.
    That’s B.S. — it’s pad si ew.
    …or its Jewish cousin, Matzoh Brei.

  • Julia

    Late night. Soft boiled. Maldon sea salt. Sometimes get fancy with a little shichimi togarashi. Eat one. Eat two. Regret not boiling a third.

  • Judy in SATX

    While may favourite way to eat an egg straight is poached hard, my favourite way to use an egg is in custard. There’s nothing like a smooth, yummy custard!

  • Mackenzie Flynn

    2 seven minute eggs on a buttered english muffin with a pinch of fresh thyme leaves and a grating of sarvecchio parmesan cheese and bit of fresh ground pepper!

  • KimL

    I love a nice Denver omelet with the salty ham and sautéed onion and bell peppers. Delicious!

  • Heather Lin

    soft poached, on buttered toast with a thin veneer of foie gras, over arugula.

  • Kiara

    POACHED SOFT! On top of absolutely anything and everything. A poached egg is a work of art.

  • Allan

    Love eggs over easy then placed on top of sauté vegies with toast slathered with French butter! Now I’m really hungry!

  • James O.

    I use egg white and water to glue paper labels to glass bottles when I’m bottling homebrew. (As much as I love eggs, I love beer even more.)

  • Laura

    Custard, savory or sweet, it’s the way to go. My little would also vote for toad in a hole. My husband poached runny over soft potato.

  • Nancy Walters

    To make an “Egg in a basket” is my favorite way to use an egg.

  • Heather Rubino

    A poached egg on a fresh baguette with salt and scallions. Yum!

  • Chris S

    3 minute egg atop japanese noodles
    Whisked into hot Carbonara
    Cheesy scrambled…classic

  • Luke

    Fried over easy in bacon grease. Extra points if it’s fried in an old cast-iron skillet.

  • Terri

    Sunday morning breakfast sandwich: over easy egg on crusty bread with sundried tomato, fresh spinach, a little black pepper feta and a touch of provencal mustard.

  • Kathy S.

    Poached, on a nest of grilled or roasted asparagus, drizzled with a very good EVOO and sprinkled with flaked sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

  • Tammy

    Very simple…fried medium over, served with buttered eye toast to mop up the yolk deliciousness. What a wonderful start to a day!

  • Maria

    Scrambled, with chives and diced ham, a little cream and some shredded cheese. Couldn’t be better.

  • Pam M

    A sandwich of fried peppers and eggs softly scrambled in olive oil on Italian bread,

  • Melinda

    Lemon Meringue Pie. Perfection. Whites in the meringue and yolks in the lemon curd. Does not get any better than that.

  • Sandi Myers

    Ice Cream! Eggs Benedict! Cheesecake! Over Easy! Pasta! How does one choose?

  • Cindy Kitchel

    We have backyard ducks, and I love baked duck eggs… melted butter in a ramekin, eggs baked for 12 – 14 minutes, a little sprinkling of cheese, a little more baking. So very simple and delicious.

  • Pia Promina

    I can survive on just eggs, cooked in any way but not overcooked to leather.

    One of my favourites is to gently poach egg in any left over curry gravy, garnish with cilantro and green chilies. and a squeeze of lime. Eat with flat bread, steamed rive or dunked bread.

  • Emily

    Eggnog, hollandaise, soft poached on steak, or brioche. On secondhand, brioche probably applies more as a favorite way to eat lashings of butter.

  • Gary Askins

    Over easy on a fried chicken biscuit with sausage gravy

  • Ben

    Perhaps my favorite egg recipe is “Tomato Poached Eggs” from Zuju Shareef’s “The Best of Indian Cookery.” It includes lots of garlic, fresh curry leaves, hot peppers and tomatoes. It’s saucy, uniquely spicy, and unlike any other dish I’ve had.

  • Tamidon

    Soft scrambled with sharp cheddar cheese to be specific, or any kind of custard for a general category

  • Ralph H

    A pad of butter, a couple eggs, salt and pepper. Nothing better.

  • Kim

    I love an egg that has been poached in home-made tomato sauce over pasta with fresh basil and fresh mozzarella.

  • BethC

    An interesting recipe inherited from my late mother-in-law called Bang Eggs. Essentially, a savory bread pudding with Velveeta & Wonder Bread that was created to feed a hungry family on a meager budget. The addition of dry mustard powder & garlic to the custard makes it delicious, and it becomes a gourmet feast with the substitution of almost any cheese and good bread.

  • Roberta

    Poached until the white is just set, over anything (steamed brocolli, if I’m feeling virtuous, with shaved parmesan), but especially over buttered toast, with a nice grind of black pepper. Mmmmm…

  • Cathy

    Best eggs ever? Dippy eggs for my 3 1/2 year old great nephew Max!.! His excitement when he stabs the egg and the runny yolk comes out is totally catching. Dippy Eggs Rule!

  • Jessica

    Custard deserts in any shape or form. My current favourite that I recently learned how to make; portugese pasteis de nata.

  • The Goose

    We make milkshakes every morning, with fresh cold milk from our family milk cow and a couple of egg yolks, plus some honey, vanilla, and whatever the kids feel like the flavor of the morning is – Dutch cocoa, frozen berries, or just grated nutmeg for the classic and delicious eggnog (sans rum, of course). Milkshakes without the yolk are just , well, milk.

  • Ryan Bailey

    Fried eggs, toast, rashers, bangers and a grilled tomato! The perfect Irish breakfast.

  • tod barlow

    I love teaching my 3yr old how to cook a perfect poached egg, or as she calls them, “bubble eggs”. She loves cooking!!

  • Chris M.

    Cooked flat, with the yolks broken, in a small skittet in butter, then made into a fried-egg sandwich with mayo.

  • Mandy

    I love eggs any way, but poached is probably my favorite. Congrats on the new book. I look forward to reading it!

  • Bob Hottenroth

    A Tom and Jerry or two or three is my favorite way to drink an egg.

  • Elisa

    I’ve been looking forward to this book! I love an over-easy egg over anything, but mostly salads, pastas, or veggie-grain bowls. Runny yolks are pure heaven.

  • David

    Into a bowl of hot grits stir one egg, shredded cheese, use liberal salt and black pepper. Back in the microwave for 90 sec. To cook the egg. It is the original bowl of breakfast!

  • Kami M.

    While I love eggs in most any style, eggs Benedict with a perfectly poached egg is complete and utter heaven for me.

  • Wendy Koz

    I love them in any shape or form, but the favorite is to cook it just just over soft boiled, spread on a piece of toast, topped with salt and pepper. Mmmm.

  • Jennifer

    I hardly ever ate eggs growing up. The occasional scramble or over easy with breakfast. Then I started raising chickens 15 years ago, and have become more and more interested in food ever since. Eggs are the gateway food to foodieness. Ha. I’ve become convinced that almost nothing isn’t better without an egg on top. But my favorite has to be pasta carbonara. Never have such simple ingredients been combined to such delectable results. Plus, it includes pork, which is always a plus.

  • Nicole

    Poached, especially now that I can predict how they will come out.

  • Kelly

    Very excited for the book. My favorite way to use eggs is in mayo, it is so versatile and homemade mayo is like nothing else.

  • Helena

    One egg as the body for my mom’s Polish potato dumplings. I added my contemporary twist by substituting half the potatoes with butternut squash. The result is pillows of rich, sweet, golden yum mines crisped it a pan with butter.

  • Marcia

    I cannot pick just one so for me it is a toss up between deviled eggs and a wonderful frittata with veggies including cactus.

  • Rick Merzoian

    Poached, over perfectly cooked greens (spinach, chard, mustard)

  • Judi

    As for me, any egg is perfect…. as long as it isn’t over cooked!!

  • Colleen C.

    Hollandaise….or Poached….or in Crème Brulee…too difficult to choose just one!

  • Annie

    I adore scrambled eggs… Always scrambled in butter with a little salt

  • sharon saulnier

    Visually the most perfectly designed, and the most luscious and versatile ingredient ,savory or sweet.

  • Carolyn Schmidt

    My favorite way to use eggs is in fresh mayonnaise. There is nothing better, and it tastes good on/in anything. But it takes a very good egg!

  • Rushina

    I love eggs and I love cooking with them. They offer a HUGE world of versatility in that on little shell! From Parsi Akuri to Kerela Egg Roast, Japanese Chavamushi to Mexican Houves Rancheros there are so many textures and flavours possible with just one egg!

  • Jeremy P

    In college, during the ramen years, I had a hundred ways to eat cheap ramen. My favorites were with eggs… boredom led me to learn how to cook a passable poached egg. I still enjoy poached eggs with yolk running all over any type of pasta, but not usually over packaged ramen any more.

  • Dan

    I will always keep fried eggs and potatoes close to my heart.
    It was the breakfast my grandmother made for me countless times when I stayed on my grandparents farm as a boy. The eggs were collected by my grandfather daily and the potatoes were grown right outside the door in their garden.
    Her cast iron skillet was smooth as silk and her “sharp knife” was always handy. I still make “eggs and taters” and think of her every time.

  • Typo

    Although I don’t see them very often I adore deviled eggs. A perfect bite of creamy, spicy yolk and a perfectly cooked hard boiled egg white. It’s my personal egg nirvana.

  • Sara

    No doubt about it: just poached, on well-buttered toast, yolk runny. Bite of heaven.