Aspic: Aspic is clear gelled liquid, usually stock, commonly used in haute cuisine.  It can be diced or chopped and used as a savory garnish.  It is a kind of tool that holds ingredients in place within a mold—diced vegetables (vegetable terrine), an egg (oeuff en gelée), pork (headcheese).  In a pâté en croute, it fills in the space between the cooked pâté and the crust.  Food dipped in aspic will take on a lacquered finish for a fancy presentation.  Certain meat stocks, especially those that have included a calves foot or pig skin, will contain enough gelatin to set completely when chilled.  Other stocks such as those made from fish or vegetables require the addition of gelatin.  Aspics can be delicate, in which they hold their shape, but are very tender, on the verge Read On »